A Google Docs client tool we made by ourselves. welcome to use it.

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Our team recently released a Google Docs client:Gdocsdrive. Website:Www.gdocsdrive.comWindows-based desktop software. You can drag and drop files and folders of any type to Google Docs. So that Google Docs can be turned into a realGoogle Drive (gdrive).

Currently, there are several client software related to Google docs on the Internet, but our software should be the best of all software, for the following reasons:

1. Folder dragging is supported.

2. Any file type is supported.

3. supports almost all Google Docs operations.


For cloud storage applications, there are currently many well-known manufacturers' solutions, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, and box.net, which have different free capacity and billing methods. However, for large-capacity cloud storage (such as more than GB), Google's solution is undoubtedly the cheapest and the most cost-effective. For GB of Google cloud space, only $25 a year, and other cloud storage services are much more expensive.

However, Google's cloud storage solution has an obvious disadvantage: there is no good client software to support it. By using web pages, files can only be uploaded due to browser security sandbox restrictions, and folders cannot be uploaded. This disadvantage actually greatly limits Google cloud storage applications.

For example, most individual users generally want to directly back up files or photos of a folder to the cloud. This folder may contain several levels of subfolders. If you upload files through a webpage, you must create folders step by step and upload files to the corresponding folders. It is almost unrealistic to back up large and complex folders.

For enterprise users or teams, a project of the team may need to be completely transplanted to Google Docs, so as to use the powerful collaboration function of Google Docs, it is easy to share and collaborate with all files of the project. For the same reason, it is quite difficult to migrate a complex project to the Google Docs platform without the folder upload function.

Gdocsdrive is a tool developed to solve this problem. You can drag and drop a folder to upload it to the Google Docs space. It is very simple and practical.

Gdocsdrive is a very small tool. The installation file is only 3 MB in size, and the runtime memory usage is about 5 MB. This tool is developed based on Google document list API 3.0. Through the HTTP protocol and Google Docs API exchange, all communications are SSL encrypted. Security is trustworthy.

Currently, the software version is 1.0, and file synchronization is not supported. However, we plan to add a file synchronization function similar to Dropbox in version 2.0.

Currently, this software is only available in windows, but a version based on Mac and mobile devices will be released in the future.

Gdocsdrive is not a free software, it is a shared software, the price is 14 dollars, there is a 14-day free trial. After the trial period, the folder drag function will be invalid. However, other functions can still be used normally.

In addition to the folder upload function, gdocsdrive also provides:

· File sharing: shared with individuals, Google group, Google app domain, Buzz, Facebook, and Twitter.

· File conversion function: convert files of the Google Docs type to other types, such as PDF and open office.

· Search function: search based on file name and file content

· Other functions: Basic Google Docs operations such as deletion, renaming, and adding stars

Currently, gdocsdrive is positioned on the international market because Google Docs and Google APIs are both on the wall in China. Therefore, if you want to use gdocsdrive, you must use a VPN over the wall.

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