Use notepad++ instead of clumsy Arduino IDE

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The IDE that comes with Arduino is too bad to use, the following is a powerful, lightweight, free, open source, rich plugins of the notepad++ editor to build the Arduino development environment. The configuration process may be a bit cumbersome for new students, but I try to write it in detail, one step at a to be sure to configure.

Preparation Tools

1, notepad++ Baidu can download

2, Arduino IDE domestic link HTTP://PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1MIAOCDI

3, notepad++. arduino.0.2.0 plug-in package link:

Start configuration

1, install the good notepad++

2, extract the notepad++. arduino.0.2.0 as follows

3, click "Language"--"Custom language format" in the notepad++ menu bar, click "Import" in the Pop-up dialog box, select the notepad++ extracted above. arduino.0.2.0 the arduino_language_0.2.0.xml file in the plug-in package, close the dialog box when the import is complete.

4.2 files under the APIs in the plugin package are copied to the APIs under plugins under notepad++

5. Open notepad++, menu bar "plugin", "Plugin Manager"-> "Show Plugin Manager", find Nppexec, install.

6, open notepad++, menu bar "Language", the bottom can find "Arduino", select can. Start writing a simple Arduino code. (You'll find the Magic Code hint feature)

void setup()
} void loop(){


Editing 2 Execution scripts

When the above code is written, press F6 to execute the code, and the dialog box pops up.

Select temporary script at 1 to create a new script.

Enter the following script at 2

NPP_SAVE "H:\Arduino\arduino-1.6.8-windows\arduino-1.6.8\arduino_debug.exe" --verify "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"

The first line is fixed npp_save, and the second line is formatted as follows:
arduino_debug.exe Path "space"--verify "space" of your Arduino installation directory "$ (full_current_path)"

3 Save, enter the name of the saved script: Arduino_verify, OK, the effect is as follows.

The script above is used to verify the compilation of the Arduino program, and we need to create a new script to download the program to the board.

Script content:

Npp_save " H:\Arduino\arduino-1.6.8-windows\arduino-1.6.8\arduino_debug.exe " " $ (Full_current_path) "

The name is saved as: Arduino_upload.

So we have 2 scripts to compile and download the Arduino program.

Let's simulate this process. (Do not need to connect the Anduino board, after the later to mention)

After writing the code, press F6, Pop-up dialog box Let us choose the execution of the script, first select Arduino_verify point OK, this time will be shown below the compiled information,

Press F6 again, select Arduino_upload, Upload. Completed the ~~~~~!


Because Arduino needs to choose the board type, but in the notepad++ is not possible. So we need to use the Arduino IDE to build a project, choose a good development board, port, save exit, with notepad++ Open continue to write, and then there is no Arduino ide what matter.

The following specifications are generally adhered to when building a project using the Arduino IDE. If you write an LED flashing program.

/workspace //arduin's working directory

     /blink //The current project directory
         Blink.ino //arduino source file, same as the current project directory name. 

Finally, we recommend a notepad++ plugin that can display the package browser. As follows.

Installation Method: Menu bar "plug-in", "Plugin Manager"-> "Show Plugin Manager", locate the Explorer, install. Click the button next to the hearts to open it.


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Use notepad++ instead of clumsy Arduino IDE

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