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Using Foxmail in Windows makes it easy to set Hotmail and Gmail. After Turning to Linux, I found that evolution is not very good, and the encoding of mail information cannot be set. The subject of a GBK-encoded email is garbled and I had to replace it with Thunderbird.

Thunderbird itself does not support sending and receiving webmail such as Hotmail. You need to download the plug-ins webmail and Hotmail. You need to receive Yahoo Mail and download the corresponding plug-ins here.

Hotmail setting method:

After downloading, open Thunderbird, select Tools> Add software, and then install the plug-in.

Restart Thunderbird and set it as follows (original address)

Restart TB and check your extension list:


View webmail's extended preferences:


You can see that both pop and SMTP are enabled. The IMAP function of this plug-in can be used but is not very complete, so I didn't enable this service. You can enable or disable the service in the "enable" tab. In addition, Linux users may need to change the default port configuration, because many Linux releases shield ports lower than 1024 by default. If you find that you cannot connect to the server when receiving or sending emails, modify the port number to 1024 or above in the "Port" tab:


Then let's look at our Webmail-Hotmail extension preferences. If you use a Windows Live custom domains mailbox, add your domain here first, for example, my home site email address:


The other is the "Account" here:


This label must be changed after the email account is set. If you have more than one Hotmail account, you can make different settings for each account. Here I use the Hotmail website (product ). If your Hotmail mailbox is still a traditional Hotmail interface, select the Hotmail website (product). If you have upgraded to a Windows Live Mail with 2 GB space, select the Hotmail website (Beta ).

Another function that needs to be improved is: whether or not you select "save backup in sent messages" in the SMTP tag ", in fact, emails sent through SMTP are stored in "sent emails" on the server. However, when you log on from the web and click this email, the server cannot identify the email that has been sent. It feels like writing a draft directly, and the mail header becomes a pile of code.

Note: If you have made any changes to the preferences of the two extensions, restart TB to apply the settings.

The following describes how to add a mail account in TB. The procedure is basically the same as that in a normal POP/SMTP mail account. Note the following:

* Both your pop and SMTP servers are localhost.
* Your username is your complete email address, such as: or ......
* SMTP requires verification.
* If you have modified the port settings in the webmail plug-in, do not forget to change it to a consistent port in the mail account.

Okay, it's time to come to an end. One thing I did not expect is that even if you send emails via TB, Microsoft will also put a line of advertisement on its tail ......


Gmail settings

1. Enable POP in your Gmail account.
2. Open Thunderbird and choose tools> account settings from the menu bar ".
3. Select "email account" and click "Next ".
4. enter your name in the "Your name" column, enter your Gmail address (for example, in the "email address" column, and then click "Next ".
5. Select POP for "receiving server type" and "fill in" "for" receiving server ", and click" Next ".
6. Enter your Gmail username (including "@") in the "username" field. Then click "Next ".
7. Enter the account name and click "Next ".
8. Click "finish ".
9. Select "Server Settings" (left) in the new account ).
10. Select "use secure link" and enter "995" as the port number ".
11. Select "email sending server" (left side ).
12. Enter "" as the server name and "587" as the port ".
13. Select "use user name and password" and enter your Gmail user name (including "@ ").
14. In the secure link bar below, select "TLS". Then click "OK ".

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