Use qiniu cloud storage to solve ios7.1 app deployment problems, and Niu cloud ios7.1

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Use qiniu cloud storage to solve ios7.1 app deployment problems, and Niu cloud ios7.1

Use qiniu cloud storage to solve ios7.1 app deployment problems

I. Problem Description

The ios app is developed. You need to package and upload the. ipa and. plist files for users to download and install them online. The installation process is described as follows:

First, you can use the mobile browser safari or scan the QR code to obtain the download address. plist. Then the browser will automatically jump to this address to download and read. plist. (The jump address is. plist .) In this process, the. plist file is obviously downloaded using the http protocol. Finally, the iphone installs the. ipa file by reading the. ipa file configured in the. plist file to complete the ios app.

For example, download the. plist code on the homepage:

<Ahref = "itms-services ://? Action = download-manifest & url = "class =" mobile-ios "> </a>

However, since iOS, You Need To Use https to download the plist file when installing the app. That is to say, in the first step of app installation, the. plist file needs to be downloaded using https protocol. The https protocol is as follows:

The https protocol is not described in detail here. HTTPS trust inheritance is based on the Certificate Authority (such as VeriSign and Microsoft) That is pre-installed in the browser (meaning "I trust the Certificate Authority to tell me what I should trust "). Therefore, an HTTPS connection to a website can be trusted only when:

1. Users believe that their browsers have correctly implemented HTTPS and installed the correct Certificate Authority;

2. You believe that the certificate authority only trusts valid websites;

3. The accessed website provides a valid certificate, meaning that it is issued by a trusted Certificate Authority (most browsers will warn of invalid certificates );

4. The certificate correctly verifies the website to be accessed (for example, the certificate sent to "Example Inc." Instead of other organizations when accessing https: // example );

5. the nodes related to the Internet are trustworthy, or the user believes that the encryption layer (TLS or SSL) of this Protocol cannot be damaged by the listener.

Simple Description. You can use https to download the. plist file. The website must support the https protocol. Supports https protocol. In addition to some configurations on the server, you also need to apply for a data signature certificate. This signature certificate is issued by the issuing authority. You cannot configure your own generation. It takes some time to apply for a signature certificate. Our goal is to make our apps downloaded and installed by users.

Ii. Problem Analysis

To solve this problem, there are two methods:

1. Configure the https service on your website service and purchase a digital signature certificate to ensure that the data signature certificate we purchased is installed in each type of browser and its different versions with the certificate issued by the certificate authority. The time overhead is about 7 days.

2. host the app file on a third-party server that supports https.

3. Solve the Problem

Qiniu cloud storage can solve this problem quickly and for free. You only need to register an account number at Then, activate the https domain name. Finally, upload the. plist and. ipa files to qiniu cloud storage. The operation process is very simple. Pay attention to the following points:

1. Activate an http domain name and an https domain name.

For example. The suffix "" is a domain name that supports the http protocol. The suffix is. qbox. me is a domain name that supports https. Upload. plist and. ipa to qiniu cloud storage.


2. Modify the download address of the. plist file and the content of the. plist file.

On the homepage of the website, change the download. plist address to the download link that supports the https protocol (the domain name suffix is. qbox. me) uploaded to qiniu cloud storage.

<Ahref = "itms-services ://? Action = download-manifest & url = "class =" mobile-ios "> </a>

3. Change the. ipa file content to the http protocol supported by qiniu cloud storage (with the suffix

<String> </string>

4. To sum up, the download of. plist uses https protocol, while the download of. ipa uses http protocol. After modification, you can apply ios6, ios7, and ios7.1 for testing.


4. Thanks to qiniu cloud storage

Thanks to qiniu storage for providing free services. However, anti-leech protection is currently unavailable. We hope to add the anti-leech feature.


5. Errors prompted due to the need to use https protocol when ios7.1 is used to install the app

The application cannot be installed because the certificate is invalid.


<Warning>: [ERROR]: Cannot load non-https manifest URL: http: // plist


<Warning>: cocould not load download manifest with underlying error: ErrorDomain = SSErrorDomain Code = 128 "unable to connect" UserInfo = 0x1669d990 {NSLocalizedDescription = unable to connect}


<Warning>: NSURLConnection/CFURLConnection HTTP loadfailed (kCFStreamErrorDomainSSL,-9813)

<Warning>: cocould not load download manifest withunderlying error: Error Domain = NSURLErrorDomain Code =-1202 "unable to connect to the store" UserInfo = 0x166bc640 {NSLocalizedDescription = unable to connect to the store, NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion = do you want to connect to this server ?, NSLocalizedFailureReason = a secure connection cannot be established. Check the "Date and Time" settings ., NSErrorFailingURLStringKey = https: // plist, NSUnderlyingError = 0x165b37e0 "the server certificate is invalid. You may be connecting to a server disguised as "", which threatens the security of your confidential information. ", NSURLErrorFailingURLPeerTrustErrorKey = <SecTrustRef: 0x166b83e0>, NSErrorFailingURLKey = https: // plist}

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What is the difference between upyun storage and qiniu cloud storage?

Unique upload acceleration capability. Other cloud storage services only accelerate download (CDN ). Some claim to support upload acceleration, in fact, it is only a proxy node for upload. However, qiniu is the first distributed storage in the world to adopt a multi-IDC architecture. When data is uploaded to a local data center, it is accelerated to the extreme.
The unique resumable upload function. You no longer need to start all over again when the network is not running. No matter how bad the network is (especially 3G/2G mobile network), no matter how large the file is, we can ensure that your data is sent to the server. There is still no other cloud storage in China.
CDN integration. Qiniu has integrated four cdns, including chinacache and chinanetcenter. The total number of nodes has exceeded 1000 IDCs, which makes self-built cdns far from satisfactory. We don't re-invent the wheel. However, we need to move CDN from high-end to civilian. Why can only large companies enjoy the benefits of CDN? With qiniu, you can enjoy high quality as a blogger. Qiniu also helped you perform intelligent CDN quality monitoring. In case of a local node problem in a CDN, qiniu can automatically switch the region to another CDN. The entire process is transparent, saving you time and effort.
With unique image storage, you only need one click to experience qiniu cloud storage.
Streaming Media (Audio and Video Processing) support. This is currently the first cloud storage in China. Quietly tell you that the recent audio and video support will be significantly updated.
The cascade of data processing functions (that is, pipelines ). The image is scaled down and then watermark, which is a typical case of the pipeline function.
Large file support. Qiniu cloud storage single file supports up to 1 TB (tell me if it is not enough ).

Zhimeng dedecms integrates qiniu cloud storage

Sorry, I have never heard of it.

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