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1. Remove the WINAMP5 window button
Winamp--option (option)--preference (configuration)--general purpose--nullsoft Tray control--Configure the selected Plug-ins, remove all of the buttons in front of them or simply uninstall the selected plugins to solve the problem/ Titele Bar removed.
According to my experience, WINAMP5 in the start-up-run feeling slower than WINAMP2, or recommend that you use 2.8* sailor version, Winamp3 more difficult to use.

2. Adjust IE6 Ctrl + enter into bugs (as if some people say
To download a modified Browselc.dll file on the Internet to replace the system folder can be, online search browselc.dll on it, not much.

3. Want to RealPlayer easy to use
If you want to RealPlayer use it, follow my advice: For the time being, I haven't met a real movie that I can't play, and this is the way I used it (I don't need real one player or RP10)
(1). Download a RealPlayer8, install
(2) Download RealPlayer plugin Daquan
How to: Copy all five files inside the C:\Program Files\Common Files\real directory and replace them all.
(3) If not, add a RealPlay8 update to REALPLAYER10 upgrade patch

4. GB than MYIE2 easy (after nearly half a year to use the same feeling), and prevent pop-up windows or advertising browser is the best use of non ie kernel firefox,opera and so on, and Firefox or Green software.
Me is better than 98, it is not comparable to compare the system of the NT kernel with me and 2000,xp.
Also, say what the best system must be combined with hardware configuration, the total can not be 133 of the CPU under the said XP is the best!!!
Win9x system with more than 256 of the memory is a waste of hardware resources ...

5. ACDSee the best use of the 3.2 version, and then the advanced become annoying!!!! (unless you are a master user, with High-performance DC, also often PS, that use a high version of it)

6. RM Turn MP3 is just a file format, the actual sound quality has not changed! It's not worth it! If the conversion MP3 feel good, this should be subjective psychological feelings. Of course, if you want to convert, I recommend Streambox Ripper

7. Similar to the above examples of software such as improving download speed

Telecom's ADSL is 2M, that is to say, no matter how you set up his download maximum speed is not higher than 250kb/s (will only appear in IE download instant when the high-speed)

In fact, many people would rather believe that speed-raising software than download speed is by the number of downloads and download the speed of the source station related

There is just like to speed up the speed of the system or what the acceleration and so on, in my own personal test is probably based on the stability of the system at the expense of the bar, I suggest you do not try. The most effective way to do that is to give money to upgrade your hardware and give you money to increase your bandwidth.

In the days when I used BT also witnessed the fact that, although I was outside the net but the highest speed is only 200k/s
As for other, like Netcom, Guangdong video Broadband network download speed I tried sometimes average speed to reach 600k/ps

But the previous BT fast, but now slow, because the essence of BT is to want everyone to download speed is fast, but there is a condition that everyone is open to upload. But also because of the open upload to everyone fast when they are slow, this dedication in the society with Chinese characteristics is no one willing to do this dedication, like me are limited in the 3K upload speed, how can fast?? Foreign fast and be strengthened IP blockade, even if the domestic connection how many .... Speed is still slow, so now completely give up BT, completely do not use.

8. If a foreign website can not show, please refresh a few times, if not to wait a two minutes to try again, usually this line (I use Guangdong Telecom ADSL). If no longer, that may be your visit to the website is the Chinese communist Ministry of Information industry blocked site, please use a proxy or a unbounded browser bar. If still not, then the site you want to visit should be deleted.
Foreign, Hong Kong and Macao's Web site slow, there are telecommunications users on the Web site slow, and so on, are due to different network providers (ISP), I was in Hong Kong on the country's website is also very slow, but the visit and download in Hongkong is very fast

9. When you PQ partition adjustment (in DOS) if the system cannot be installed successfully (such as unable to boot, etc.), try the Sys C:

10. Use WIN2003 's experience to share with you.

I have 3 installation experience, have the following points must be noted, especially 1, 2, 4 points:

WIN2003 is actually more advanced than XP, because it runs a lot less service than XP, plus it was developed on the basis of XP optimization, with many users and I think it's better and faster than XP.

(1). If it is the onboard video card words to 256+16m memory to start, or on the screen after the boot and so on and so on and so on to die (on my machine tried to use only 256 memory is not able to start), and the CPU also preferably in more than 600.

(2). With the SN installed after the network can not be upgraded, must be counted number (the Internet to find a calculation number is OK).

(3). If you want to do a personal website (IIS6), choose NTFS, if you like me to use FAT32 in IIS management will not be able to set some permissions. such as doing FTP or recommend not to use its own (with S-u), and the system defaults to upload no more than 200K files, please go to the Internet to find a way to modify it, do not say more.

(4). Before installation to prepare a shock wave and shock waves patch, installed after the completion of the two to the Internet, otherwise the internet in less than a minute to restart the (in the Shock wave bar)

(5). Make some simple settings: such as IE level and open sound, it is highly recommended to install DX9, otherwise MIDI music may not play on the Web page.

(6). Finally feel available when the Internet upgrade, lay patches. Then search for "WIN2003 optimization", find some suitable for their own use.

(7). Have not encountered the hardware and software incompatibility problem (has installed a total of not less than 20 games, learning and entertainment software), only one car game installed can not play, and later set the compatibility of the program than under the WinME play more smoothly.

(8) WIN2003 use a long time or software Installation/uninstall a lot of it may be every time the boot of the error box, if you think the system is nothing unusual, then replicable it, and the following content to build a suffix named reg file and then double-click it can not pop-up error box!
As shown in figure:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"LogEvent" =dword:00000000

"Nopopupsonboot" =dword:00000001

11. The best way to do this is to ghost the computer, followed by the format of the reload. Because after poisoning, even if the whole machine virus clear besides how? The rest of the system is just a dying, riddled with holes. Even if you continue to use, there may be a lot of problems arise.

Office files, that is, excel,word files, etc. if the high password best set the number + letter and 8 digits or more, because they have not cracked successfully, because they have used a good variety of crack password software, the best results are cracked 6-digit full password.

QQ oneself Add own method: Add oneself in blacklist, and then drag oneself to my friend to be able to

Ghost to be in DOS, in Windows run I have tried to recover after the mouse is not available. In DOS to ghost please delete the Windows directory Win386.swp (win2k/xp/03 system is under the system disk Pagefile.sys) file, so you can save your hard disk space. (I heard that GHOST2003 can automatically delete the file, but has not been tried for the time being)

15. The most stupid or probably the best way to save a file with a floppy disk
First copy before you remove the floppy disk, the window refresh once, and then copied from the floppy disk to the hard drive, if OK can be used, if not, there is no way to read that had to form the above steps.
If you are using hdcopy copy of the files that cannot be copied under Windows, although the replication is successful, but whether it can be opened intact depends on your luck, I use hdcopy copy and repair floppy disk has not been perfect for a while.

16. I have tried these kinds of web,ftp,email, and spent nearly two months in the spare time from the Pacific computer, Huajun and win the government of the three sites to all of the server software has been tried (outside of Microsoft's IIS or PWS), from the size of the software, features, easy to set up use, the download speed after the establishment of the site , support for Chinese and whether it is free software six aspects of the operating system for WinME under the comprehensive test, the results are as follows:

Web server Software is WWWFILESHARE2.4 version,
FTP Server Software is serv-u5.0 cracked version,
Mail Service for MagicWinmail1.02 cracked version
(with the following: tried to use liteserver version, feel very good, full-featured and only more than 500 k, is not support Chinese and download the slowest)

17. Use your own machine to do personal website
Use their own machine to do personal website, Win9x system can be used PWS but can not use IIS,WINNT system cannot use PWS but use IIS, as for Apache, Tomcat and so on in any system are available.
A bit to note, I have tried to open the system under the XP/03 firewall can not be connected to access, using their own computer to do the site suggest using other firewalls bar!
Connection limit:
PWS and IIS in win2000pro,win2000 Server and WinXP for 10
WIN2000 ADV Server and WIN2003 no connection restrictions
It is rumoured that using MetaEdit can change IIS in win2000pro,win2000 Server and WinXP for 10 of the connection restrictions, but also heard that VNN can be built in the intranet station (but the above two are not heard I have tried)
And also:
I am in Guangdong province Jiangmen of the video broadband network and Netcom are intranet, build personal website may want to use vnn/virtual network card, but for the time being not free and easy to build dynamic web site software, such as vnn/virtual network card requires both sides to install to access, some domain name Web site support intranet but free probation only one months

win2000/xp/2003 Boot white Wait a minute question
If you are using the above system, and in the boot after running all the programs are not responding, please try to put your network card TCP/IP address do not set to "Automatically obtain IP", but instead to specify IP,
Because I am only a single computer, so the gateway is empty, DNS to call the Telecommunications Bureau, they told me how to fill!
As shown:

(to novice or rookie) anti-virus software installation can not be once and for all, if not often upgraded and antivirus, as if not installed (because I do have such a friend around). Recommended to upgrade at least one months two times and antivirus

20. About File Segmentation
WinRAR when the file segmentation software used to see the following figure (want to write for a long time, today finally written out)
I used to use file segmentation software, I feel very annoying when the recovery, because the floppy disk when there are many additional recovery procedures. Later on the internet found a lot of *.part1.rar,*.part2.rar,... The kind of document, I feel very interested in how to make it out? Finally found the original is the winrar of the volume compression, the following figure: first want to split the file (or folder) right click--Add to the RAR file, the right side of the map, set up the file size you want to determine after you can, and then unpack those *.part1.rar file is your original content. This winrar replaces the file segmentation software, and is better than the segmentation software.
21. Use WinRAR for explorer purposes, of course, want to see all the files on this machine and do not want to set folder options when the best choice, you can also delete the RAR file directly without the Recycle Bin. This is also very early knowledge of the experience, and later on the internet to see "Nine WinRAR skills" and "let the rar" and other articles.

22. Input method Bug, this is the first time I encountered and bothered the longest problem (May 2001 to October 2002), may be some new computer people have not seen.
Why online (or in foxmail) after the input of Chinese punctuation marks will be automatically deleted, originally because of IE5.0 bug (I call it 5BUGBUG, because I use 5 Input method), this problem in WIN98 and WIN2000 (including SP4) exist, The solution is to upgrade the input method, the best way is to upgrade to more than IE5.5 version. And I know this bug has been used WinME, just to solve this problem.

23. Dual system files Common method: Like RAR,FOXMAIL,QQ, such as straight green operation is, but like Ms OFFICE 97/2k/xp/03,photoshop,acdsee and other non-green software, do not reinstall is not available, But reinstalling once again takes up hard disk space. The solution is to put your new system's software in the same folder as the original system, which can save space. But remember, after a system has uninstalled this non-green software, another system is not available.

24. Recently saw a lot of people support the domestic MP3 playback software "Thousands of listening", said than Winamp and FB good, individuals have used. The function is indeed the most complete, on the use is indeed very, easy-to-use and simple. But in playing the same song when compared to the sound quality is not, do not set the balance feel a little bit, set the balance effect after the more obvious than Winamp worse ... It was this fatal flaw that led me to the final choice of the usual Winamp. (The new version of the 2005 improved in sound quality, but it seems to be more than Winamp)

25. The use of Win9x: if there is "illegal operation--is about to close" or "no response", of course, the "illegal operation" or "No response" program! Then reboot is recommended. But if you do not reboot, then there will be a similar strange problem in succession, because with the "illegal operation" or "no response" has put the system into a very unstable state.

26. Method of completely deleting any or lot files
Have you seen from some computer magazine newspaper that second-hand hard disk is easy to disclose privacy information, whether have tried to delete a lot of movies folder or large files for a long time ... In fact, we can create a new file to delete the file to replace the 0-byte file and then delete it.

The steps are as follows: Just create a new file, it's best to right-click--New--text document, and then open file--Save as--saving type "All Files (*.*)"--click the file you want to delete--save--Confirm the substitution (select "Yes"). Then you delete the file you just saved and delete it completely. No matter what the undelete software (such as recover4all, etc.) can not recover your original file.
The principle of bulk deletion, like the above, is to replace and then delete. But to rename the files you want to delete in bulk, rename them to ##.txt files. Another folder in a new TXT file, and then copied 7 times after the 128 files, but also their batch renamed to ##.txt, and finally copied to the folder you want to delete the replacement of all, and then the 0-byte folder deleted completely deleted.

Finally, add that the batch renaming file can be done with acdsee, and that you want to change the file's properties to read-only for the above substitution operation.

27. Please be careful to use the optimization and acceleration settings, the application is the best! Otherwise, you may be slow to get greedy.

XP Ultimate Optimization File (registry file optimization) I used to use the WIN2003, initially thought XP and 03 are the same, but after using the right button pop-up menu arrow will cause CPU consumption 100%, and then restore the registry before restoring.
Http:// ... E%c4%bc%fe&cl=3

Speed Wizard/Gear/aspeed and so on the game acceleration software to see the rapid use of GIF animation, and the software said the game accelerated the effect of the contrary. Because when I played the game, the screen turned into a 3-second flash slide. Not only I, but also when my wife saw me using the software, she used the software to speed up playing the game n times slower.
PS: I will not programming, so do not dare to change the elf this software is not good, but for their own to apply is the best, in fact, now the machine configuration is high, optimization, acceleration are no practical role.

28. Use Outlook to receive mail settings
This should not be in the forum to send oneself also considered for a long time, but his side does have a lot of friends unfamiliar with the computer, so the first time with Flash wrote a not good but can let that friend see understand the tutorial. Detailed view of the annex to the floor

29. Update today, plus one of my oldest experiences with computer history

Adjust the window color to make your eyes feel better! This is the first thing I want to set up after I use my computer.
The system defaults to white, but personally feel that if the time is long (for example, more than 1 hours), the eyes will be very tired. Because the brightness of white is stronger than this blue, feel more dazzling.
The following figure is the Win9x user's setting method, the Winnt is also similar.
Right-key Desktop--Properties--appearance--item--Window--color (choose to feel Soft)--ok

30. Experience of media playback:

Audio-Visual Storm/mpc/happyshow is a versatile media playback software, installed will default to all media files set to play with it, if the uninstall audio and video storm/mpc/happyshow will cause many media files can not double-click the file to play. Need to start the playback software you want to use (such as WINAMP,RP,WMP, etc.) reset the association once should be able to solve!

Personally think this is more trouble! There are some ***codes/boxing cloth plug-ins and other software, are not good to use. So use wmplayer2+ to install ffdshow and RP8+RP all plug-ins to play, such as MPLAYER2 playback, use MP9 bar. Basically in addition to the quick time file can not play the rest of the other is no problem, after all, the Qt file is very small, a big deal to install a qt.
31. Remove the Software Start screen, accelerate the Software startup method (you may think this is superfluous):

Right-click the software shortcut to get the above figure, the last space in the target bar + "-nosplash" after the determination. In this way, the software startup screen can be removed to accelerate the software startup. Note that you must use the shortcut to start the software, if the direct click Program will also appear in the splash screen. This experience has forgotten what year, what month, I am in the use of Foxmail and PowerWord can, Ms-office is not, the others have not tried. Similar to this is to remove the boot screen and remove the splash screen

32 Internet years of feeling: online things-can not be asked

Can be met:
April 2001 began to surf the internet, after half a year found to find anything can be Google, for the use of computer encounters or many other aspects can be solved, such as their own sometimes hear some good songs, but do not know the name of the song, I will remember it a complete or more than 5 words coherent lyrics, Another Google search (no way to add double quotes) will be able to find their own beautiful song. From then on the internet on this enough!

Can not be asked:
However, online things are a certain amount of time, a lot of time after a few days and then want to get back to the past but did not collect articles, music, software and so on even Google can not find, and sometimes found are invalid links. This is what I said can not be asked, I use Google search every day many times ... But it has been this way for about 1 months--a lot of words (more than 4 words) have no result in quotes, never before, even a sentence of more than 10 words with quotes can be searched to two or three accurate and exactly what I want to query. It may be that Google has made some adjustments recently. Things on the web seem more accessible.

33. When you find that there are some problems after the installation of the game, please try back to the original CD-ROM version, may solve the problem.

Because now online download a lot of games are high compression CD-free version, compression is generally the original file of about 1/5, and in the installation of a Uha decompression process.

This experience is recently I play a Star casino game as shown in Figure A, I started to download 1 is a single EXE file, installed with a Uha decompression process, installed after 180 m, but after the game started to appear on the exit. Later downloaded a 2, the original is a CD-ROM version (because there is a autorun.inf), the results are installed after 2 can play.

The following figure of several ABC games have been played by me, 1 and 2 are exactly the same. With 1 installation There is a Uha decompression process, and 2 is only the process of copying all.
(This method, of course, I can't guarantee 100% success, but try to succeed.) And in the process, we found a software with higher compression rate than WinRAR: Uharc

34. Turn + Original: Repeatedly discuss the problem of the system too much (it is a commonplace question, is the 10.6 part of the explanation)

(a), turn off System Restore, and turn off hibernation.
(b), the paging file (how big the memory is, how big it is) and the temporary folder of IE to move to other disks, such as D disk.
(iii), the installation of integrated XP2 version, integrated XP2 version in the Windows directory does not serverpack this folder, 505 trillion original + activation +sp2 will produce this folder, generally this file folders have more than 400 trillion, according to my experience, can be deleted.
(four), to safe mode to delete Japanese Input method and Korean input method.
(v) There is a Dllcache folder under Windows\System32, or you can move it to another disk (about 300 megabytes) by setting it in Group Policy.
(vi), there is also a Drivercacah folder, under Windows, this folder occupies more than 90 megabytes of space, we can not delete, copy to other disk, and then copied back, when used, for example, if you insert a U disk and mobile hard drive, the system will not find the driver, You just copy this folder back, plug in the U disk and move the hard drive, the system will automatically drive.
With this setting, the installed new system (integrated SP2), generally only 900 trillion.

It's a turn, and here's my experience.

(0). Drivercacah do not recommend deletion, to avoid USB digital camera and other peripherals to put the CD-ROM. WIN2003 's Drivercacah is 70M.
Dllcache folder is still not deleted good! There are systemic dangers that are more dangerous than removing DRIVERCACAH!
(2). Turn off System Restore and turn off hibernation.
Of course this can be closed, but under the WIN2003 has not!
(3). paging file
This in XP is the same as memory, but the size under WIN2003 =1gb-the size of your physical memory
(4). IE Temporary files
This turn does not matter, generally every time the internet is not big, not more than 30M bar, I use GB are every time when the exit to empty IE temporary files
(5). As for SP2 or other patches folder, in the win folder issued at the beginning of the existing $ hidden folder, but it does not hurt, because since the patch dozen will not uninstall, if you want to uninstall why the patch?
(6). Finally, said that the Japanese and Korean input method of the size if it is to save 80MB of course deleted, but in the WIN2003 has not these flower Qiao thing
(7). Also make up a point: please run regsvr32/u Zipfldr.dll, so the Win\temp folder will not be because you encounter a zip file every time the cumulative increase, this command is applicable in xp/03.

35. Print preview In the absence of a printer

I don't have a printer, but when I use Word/excel typesetting to print preview, does the pop-up window say that the printer is not installed? What do we do? In fact, you can print a preview by installing--OK on the Control Panel--the printer--adding a printer--by its wizard. Or you can use pdffactory to make a PDF file to preview or make a PDF file.
Similar method I also tried the on-board sound card is not normal operation, open an emulator said no DirectSound, and later also install a random sound card driver, you can use the simulator.

36. Use Copy to merge audio and video files

Sometimes the internet is downloaded a01,a02,a03 .... Such a film and television video clips, one look very annoying, later wrote a: copy/b A01. Wmv+a02. wmv+ ... Abc. WMV, then save as BAT file execution. So I will play abc.wmv can be coherent to see.
Anyway, my aim is "can use the system from the external installation of the software", such a command is always better than the installation of what joiner good! It was learned in a previous "secret hidden in the picture", what was the secret? Google yourself to know, do not say more.
By the way: some MP3 songs have a lot of time and space, I MP3 splitter removed.

37. Delete the Me restore under Windows

The experience of using me two years ago was forgotten, but it was only recently salvaged when I learned the virtual machine system:
Right-click My Computer-Properties-performance-File system-Troubleshoot-disable System Restore-check, then run regedit find H_l_m\system\currentcontrolset\services\vxd\vxdmon delete all the keys in it, Then reboot-delete the restore directory in each disk under Windows. Because in the computer-attribute ... Disable/delete *statemgr/in the registry msconfig environment Delete T (E) MP ... These methods are not to be deleted or deleted in DOS. As for XP System Restore is easier to remove than me, general search XP optimization on the line.

E. NT (ie 2k,xp,03) When copying Chinese paste will appear garbled solution

This problem was originally I in the early 03 to use XPSP1 (SP2 I have not used) when found that it is possible because QQ is not too stable, had to use Notepad hard to write some text and then copied to QQ to friends when all Chinese into a question mark, Later in the use of WIN2000 and WIN2003 are the same problems, such as copying Chinese folder name, processing Winamp playback of the file music information will be pasted into garbled Chinese. Some say it's contingency, but I'm almost always.
Workaround: Because the temporary MS does not provide a correction method, can only be used to "change the keyboard to Chinese (CH)" This, that is, when you copy and paste to keep your input method is Chinese, not "en", and in the Win9x under the default keyboard is EN, generally will not have this problem, This is not possible unless you use the Office XP FrontPage.
Although this problem is very poor solution, but with a lot of inconvenience, such as in the Winamp shortcut keys can not be used. My aim is "in a faster situation can use a key without mice"

39. On the intranet of my humble opinion of the frog (knowledge level is limited, if you are wrong, please forgive)

I am in the Guangdong jiangmen City video Broadband, Netcom, routing Internet, Community broadband and so on are intranet. Video has modem, but also to dial, but you will notice that every time the Internet IP is exactly the same, and are intranet IP, which is different from the dynamic IP of the telecom. Besides Netcom, it has a modem, There is also a static public network of IP, but every time a boot on the Internet, do not dial, every time the Internet IP is the same, with those who use the "computer-switch--modem--Internet" route to the Internet, the same way ... So they are intranet, or so, they do not like telecommunications through modem dial-up +PPPOE protocol + dynamic IP network, so it is intranet.

Because the intranet does the port mapping is must on the host or in the gateway (is the modem) on the setting, simply set in the client is not, so (Guangdong Jiangmen) netcom and video users want to be in the Netcom or video of the host or the modem to open a port map to you is impossible, do not want to network built station! Unless, like Myshow/oklan, you can only use the trial site for a few days! And a lot more restrictions! Virtual network card or VNN will be two-way, but also less than QQ. As for the community broadband and routing I have not personally tried, also believe that the same!

40. The MIDI problem and application found by the "men on/Down 100 floor" game.

Men on/Under the 100 floor of this little game two years earlier collection, was still a not completely Chinese version, have been playing to have a very card problem, but the solution has two, one is playing the game when playing MP3 songs, the other is to press it prompts in the game folder to put a mid file, and then renamed it required BGM (1) It's OK.

In addition, some people say that the MIDI each time (restart the computer) playback, the sound size becomes the default value, each playback to adjust the size is annoying, this situation I also encountered. But if you use playback software (such as Winamp) to play a MIDI file randomly, adjust the volume size, Stop and then quit. The next time you play the volume is the volume of your exit this time. This is the method of practice, but if you are in the "volume Control-software synthesizer" This adjustment, the next playback will become the default value. I am using the AC97 onboard sound card, but I do not know whether the other sound card is the case.

As for the conversion of MIDI, I tried a lot of Mp3/wav converted to MIDI software, the results are the result of bad results, I feel that the conversion of MIDI is a very simple process, you do not have a certain basis for music suggestions do not use, to some Web site download is.

41. About internal Code conversion
2001 very popular game of intelligence game "million Pants and Millionaire Chan", at that time I played with Magicwin conversion BIG5 code, later in ME,2K,XP can also be used. But now with WIN2003, Magicwin can't be converted, Later heard that using Ms AppLocale can be converted, the result I use AppLocale solve the problem of the game, but it led to some with win installer new installation of the program garbled (this crazy halo ing).
These two days to clean up the computer, inadvertently turned to have a previously bought disc has a W2KXPCJK (to simplify) translation software, a try unexpectedly can use, haha! It's cool! or more than 200 k green software, just in line with my "can use the small green without the need to install software" this purpose.
Attachment here: 3rd page 31/F (Google also can)

42. About the motherboard discharge in addition to the BIOS password some experience
Every time the computer is switched on, it will take a few dollars to change the motherboard battery.
In addition to the BIOS password, the CLS jumper/battery is immediately installed and will have a password. Should be in the battery after 5 minutes after the installation, not only did not have the password, but also to set the time, this discharge successfully. But I've heard that some motherboards have to wait longer, and some old boards may not have a motherboard CLS jumper.
(Be sure to unplug the host power when doing the above work)
Win9x is being phased out (this is normal. But this is the last one, no longer updated)

About the beginning of the first two years, sometimes encountered some files or programs running lack of dll,ocx and so on, of course, we can go to Google or have a website search for the corresponding file download after the program can be used, estimated to use xp,2003 users less encounter this situation, And the 9X is more. So I have in a number of forums on the appeal: "Please programmers to install 9X+NT dual system", but little agree--that is reflected in the Win9x unknowingly eliminated, and hardware replacement as normal.
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