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(1) When the system can be started, we adopt the hard disk installation method. 1. XP System

Install ghost system hard disk

Use one-click restoration to install the hard disk version. The subsequent operations are similar to the PE installation system (one-key restore wizard, one-key ghost hard disk version)

You can install one-click ghost, import the gho file, and then reply to the System

I. 2 win7 System

[The original win7 version supports hard disk installation

1. Install Windows 7 in Windows 7

(1) download the Windows 7 7057 ISO image (RC or RTM) and use the virtual optical drive to copy it to a non-C disk (such as D: \ 7057)
(2) Press F8 to fix the system and select the last command to fix the system. Enter "D: \ 7057 \ sources \ setup.exe" in the Command box (without quotation marks)
(3) Go to the installation page and select Custom for installation.
(4) Select the installation language and format drive C.
(5) OK. After installation, it is a pure system (non-Dual System ).

2. Windows 7 is newly installed on Windows XP:
(1) download the Windows 7 7057iso image (RC or RTM) and copy it to a non-C drive (such as D: \ 7057) with a virtual Optical Drive)
(2) Put the bootmgr and boot directories under the D: \ 7057 directory (in fact, as long as the boot. SDI and BCD files) are copied to the C root directory, and a Sources folder is created under the C root directory. (Administrator permissions are not required in xp)
(3) Copy boot. Win under D: \ 7057 \ sources to the Sources folder just created on drive C.
(4) Run cmd as an administrator, and enter c: \ Boot \ bootsect.exe/nt60 C: The system prompts successful (that is, it succeeded !)
(5) Close the CMD window and restart the computer. The installation interface is automatically displayed. Select the installation language and the appropriate time and currency display type and keyboard and input mode.
(6) The "Start installation interface" appears. (Note that you do not need to click "Install now".) Click "repair mycomputer" in the lower left corner to go to "System Recovery selection ", select the last "command prompt" (commandprompt) to enter the DOS window.
(7) Enter "D: \ 7057 \ sources \ setup.exe" (without quotation marks) to start installation.
(8) Select the installation language and format drive C.

[Decompress the ISO image file for Installation

Click setup.exe and follow the operation instructions.

[Step 1 of installation with a virtual Optical Drive

Open "Simple Virtual optical drive. EXE" and drag the ISO file to the software interface with the mouse. Turn on "My Computer", and you will find an extra CD drive. The virtual optical drive has taken effect.
Step 2: Search for the ghofile on the virtual light drive and install ".exe" on the left side. The next step is automatic. The program copies the gho file on the virtual optical drive to disk D, and then click restart to automatically restart and start installing the system. The gho file is larger than-MB. Please wait patiently during the copy process.

(2) The system cannot be started, and the optical drive can be used. However, you have a system disk installed on a CD-ROM.

Burn a cd (Ashampoo burning studio Nero)

Is to burn Ios to the CD, and then change the first boot item to DVD-ROM, and then you can install

(3) The system cannot be started, or the optical drive cannot be used without the system, but the USB interface is available and the USB flash drive is used for installation. Iii. 1 XP System

Make PE maintenance USB flash disks and install them using ghost. (Winpe morning wind U disk Maintenance Tool)

Iii. 2 win7 System

1. Create a Windows 7 installation USB flash drive. (Windows 7 usb dvd download tool)

2. You can also use winpe to maintain the USB flash drive and use ghost for installation.

Brief steps for Windows 7 installation with winpe USB flash drive

1. Download or bring your own Windows 7 Installation File and place it in a certain location on the hard disk.

2. Create a winpe USB flash drive that can be installed with Windows 7. Find a USB flash drive maintenance tool, such as morning wind, and then easily create a winpeu disk.

3. Restart and press del or F2 to enter CMOS, and set the Firest boot device or boot item as your USB flash disk priority.

4. Restart the winpe interface and format the drive C.

5. Open the win7 Installation File and install it as prompted.

(4) The system cannot be started, the optical drive cannot be used, and the USB cannot be used.

This is rare. If you encounter this problem, you can only detach the hard disk and install it on another computer with an optical drive or a USB interface. The installation is complete, then install the hard disk.

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