View and monitor the running status of PHP-FPM in real time

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: This article mainly introduces the real-time view and monitoring of the PHP-FPM running status, for PHP tutorials interested in students can refer. The PHP-FPM has a built-in status page that enables you to view the detailed running status of the PHP-FPM to help with PHP-FPM optimization. The following article will record how to view and monitor the running status of php-fpm in real time.

Open php-fpm.conf, configure php-fpm status page options

Pm. status_path =/phpfpm_status (default value: status)

Configure nginx. conf and add accessible servers (not in http)

Server {
Listen 80;
Location/phpfpm_status {
Fastcgi_pass 9000;
Include fastcgi_params;
Fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME $ fastcgi_script_name;

Restart or reload nginx and php-fpm. the command is as follows:

Service php-fpm restart
Service nginx restart

The browser access result is as follows:

In addition, you can view the output format of php-fpm status with different parameters:

Http:// # default plain text
Http:// Json # json format
Http:// Html # html format
Http:// Xml # xml format

You can also view the process details by using the full parameter:

Http:// Full
Http:// Json & full
Http:// Html & full
Http:// Xml & full

The following is a detailed description of the PHP-FPM status parameter:

Pool-fpm pool sub-name, mostly www

Process manager-process management mode; value: static, dynamic or ondemand. dynamic

Start time-start date. If php-fpm is Reloaded, the time will be updated.

Start since-running duration

Accepted conn-number of requests received by the current pool

Listen queue-request waiting queue. if this value is not 0, increase the number of FPM processes.

Max listen queue-maximum number of request waiting queues

Listen queue len-socket waiting queue length

Idle processes-number of idle processes

Active processes-number of active processes

Total processes-total number of processes

Max active processes-maximum number of active processes (starting from FPM startup)

Max children reached-maximum number of processes on the Boulevard. if this number is not 0, it indicates that the maximum number of processes is too small. Please increase the number.

Slow requests-php-fpm slow-log enabled, number of slow requests

The above introduces the real-time view and monitoring of the PHP-FPM running status, including the content of the aspect, hope to be interested in PHP Tutorial friends help.

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