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According to the China Internet Information Center's sixth Statistics report on the development of China's Internet, search engines are the second largest Internet application after email. 55.91% of Chinese netizens use the Internet search service provided by the search engine. An excellent search engine is essential to attract users and increase the stickiness of websites. However, a search engine is an Internet application with a very high technical level. Development and operation require a lot of manpower and material resources, and the cost is extremely high.

The Chinese website ( is a portal for the Chinese new generation in the world. In the sixth China internet influence survey conducted by the China Internet Information Center in December July 2000, Chinese websites successfully entered the top 10. As a portal website, its primary goal is to build a brand and attract customers. To attract users, the most important means is to provide the best services for netizens.
Chinese websites understand from the very beginning that portal websites do not have the advantage of developing search engines. They have been looking for partners to cooperate in search engines.
Baidu is an Internet company specializing in the development of search engines and related software. It provides technical services to portal websites in the form of ASP. After Baidu launched its search engine in December May this year, the Chinese website decided to cooperate with Baidu. With the joint efforts of both parties, it took only two weeks to launch China's first inquiry search engine, "Sun Wukong search engine", which provides users with a good Internet search service.
■ Highly reliable services
The Internet search service must provide uninterrupted services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Chinese websites require the system to provide search services within 99.9% of the time. Baidu, as ASP that provides search engine services, adopts some technical means to ensure the high stability and reliability of Chinese website search services.
1. High availability architecture
Each part of the system adopts N + 1 redundancy design. When an exception occurs in a work module, the redundant module can be immediately started for use. The system can automatically detect module exceptions and switch between modules. The redundancy module can be configured in two ways:
The Standby Redundancy module is not used when the work module is working normally. It is enabled only when the work module is abnormal. Once the original work module returns to normal, the system automatically switches back to the working module, and the redundant module returns to the standby status.
Active Redundancy (Active Redundancy) The Redundancy Module and the work module work simultaneously to backup each other. Under normal circumstances, the redundant module and the work module share the system load. When a module encounters an exception, the work undertaken by the module is assigned to other modules, when the exception module returns to normal, it is automatically put into work.
The high availability architecture ensures the high reliability service of the system.
2. System exception alert system
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