VM7.0 Virtual Machine installation of Snow Leopard Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6

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Tossing and tossing! Install Snow Leopard Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6 On VM7.0 Virtual Machine!

I reproduced it from other places (I am too lazy to write it myself. I have cut the pictures and deleted them again)
He gave VMware workstation, darwin. I did not dare to use ISO. I copied my previous post. VMware workstation found it from the download bar, I have been using this VM (I am afraid that his network disk address is invalid)

Install Mac boot ISO for virtual machines (empireEFIv1085.iso, Rebel_EFI.iso, darwin. iso)

VMware workstation: vmwarevirtual machine | VMware Workstation (vmwarevirtual machine download) V7.1.1 Build 282343 simplified special edition-download it

Apple Mac OS X download [official version of Apple Snow Leopard operating system]. snowleopard_10a432_userdvd.dmg (6.13 GB)
(Because VeryCD is closed, I put the ed2k link)
1. Run the VM as an administrator to create a new VM.

2. Select Standard installation

3. Select the downloaded RebelEFI boot disk ISO:

4. Select the Virtual Machine category. Select Other and FreeBSD 64-bit for the version.

5. Select the storage location of your VM

6. Set the Virtual Machine hard disk size. The recommended value is 15 GB or above.

7. Customize the hardware configuration of the Virtual Machine. For ease of installation, we recommend that you set the memory of the virtual machine to 1 GB or above, change the disc drive to SCSI, and delete the soft drive.

8. After the virtual machine is installed, do not start the virtual machine immediately. We need to adjust the configuration file of the virtual machine.
This step is very important. Otherwise, the snow leopard sometimes restarts automatically after installation, and the virtual CPU is automatically disabled (I also saw it online, whether it has been tested)
Open the directory where the new virtual machine is located, and open it with notepad or wordpad. for a file with the vmx extension, go to the guestOS = line and change the content in the double quotation mark "" next to it to darwin10. The changed content is:
GuestOS = "darwin10": Save and exit. OK. The VM settings are successfully completed.
After opening the VM, click "Options", double-click General, and check the Version again. Is there any more Mac OS X Server 10.6? No. Okay, now we can install snow leopard normally!
As shown in:

Part 3: Installing the snow leopard System

To install snow leopard to a virtual machine, the most important thing is to boot,
A. Here I first use the Rebel EFI. iso boot disk for installation,
B. After installing and setting the system, use darwin. iso to guide the system and it will automatically enter.
Note: Of course, the use of Rebel EFI. iso can also be used for guidance, but it is obviously slower than the system guided by darwin. iso. (I usually use darwin. iso for guidance. Do you love radish cabbage)
1. Power on the virtual machine, start the virtual machine, enter the interface, ask us to insert the leopard snow installation disk, we first put the Rebel EFI. iso in the virtual machine drive to pop up, install the leopard snow installation disk. The installation page is displayed. Haha, a little excited! Poer ....

2. Select Simplified Chinese as the main language

3. Click continue to enter this step. It is best to enlarge the Virtual Machine
To the full screen, or you cannot see the top toolbar, the system does not find the hard disk. We need to use the disk tool on the toolbar to partition the hard disk of the virtual machine. Select the partitioning method, GUID Partition Table, last point
Click application. Turn off the disk tool and return to the installation interface. Now we can see that the new disk has been detected by the system,

4. After the installation is complete, you may be prompted that you have not been successfully installed. It does not matter at all. We will restart the computer, take out the ISO installation disk of leopard snow, and put it into the darwin. iso disc for boot. This is a success.

5. Install the sound card and video card driver of the Virtual Machine. First install the VMSTOOLS of the Virtual Machine (which is included in the darwin. iso disc after startup ),
Decompress the driver downloaded above to the host and share the folder with MAC,
You can use the shared folder on the MAC desktop to install the virtual driver.


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