VMware 11 installs Mac OS X 10.10 virtual machines and optimizes experience

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To use Xcode and sketch, must be operating in the MAC environment, but I have a notebook black Apple, the independent graphics card and wireless network card driver without solution, do not want to toss, first with a virtual machine to try. At the beginning of the virtual machine run the Yosemite system is simply a card out of Xiang, a move a card let me almost give up, but after a few days of tuning, now basically can smooth use of virtual machine, the experience of slightly worse than the white apple, and occasionally cotton, but also can be used to buy a MacBook plan can be postponed it, Let me share the experience of installing and optimizing a Mac virtual machine.

First of all, follow this tutorial to download the resources provided by the author, and then step by step down the basic very smooth, 10.10 installed.

My Computer configuration is as follows, there is no solid state drive, installed on the SSD, virtual machine performance can also improve a lot:

I assigned 6G memory to the virtual machine, two processors per four cores, 40G hard drives, virtual graphics cards turn on 3D acceleration, and then the MAC display configuration is this:

Not enough, especially the virtual graphics card mishap, it must be optimized to use, the principle of optimization is to streamline the streamlining, can close the effect on the off, do not duang, the following are some optimization settings:

1, remove the dashboard from the dock

Every time not careful to this, the inevitable card machine, the effect of the virtual card glass can be too much, decisively moved to the dustbin, to open the application of a lot of methods.

2, disable all kinds of flashy transparent windows and animation effects

Transparent menus, windows, and title bars are heavily used in OS X Yosemite, which requires processor performance and memory rendering. Access System Preferences, go to accessibility, and then check the "Reduce transparency" option.

Changing the animation of a minimized window from magic to zoom effect can experience faster running when the window is minimized.

Go to the System preferences, go to the Dock feature, and choose Zoom effect.

3, disable notifications in the hearts of unwanted components and extensions

The notification Center has a variety of practical panels that are really cool, but they can lose a lot of performance. For older Macs, the notification center opens too many components to slow down the reboot and login process.

Access System preferences and go to the "extended" feature to hook up unused components.

4, install Beamoff APP

Improves the performance of Mac OS x10.10 Yosemite in VMware Workstation and can be set to boot Autorun

The above four steps down, the virtual machine Mac also to the basic use of the point, knocking code to see the page or no pressure, the above methods can also be used in the old Mac computer, if there are any optimization methods and suggestions, welcome to the Great God message comments.

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