VMware installs Mac OS X snow leopard 10.6.6

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Some of the following content comes from the network. In my practice, I have corrected some steps and settings!

First, you need to set the cpuid maximum value limit of the CPU to enable in the BIOS. Otherwise, "the CPU has been disabled by the client operating system" appears during the VMware installation. You will have to turn off the power or reset the Virtual Machine "error, resulting in failure to install

1. Prepare the tool:

Download hazard 10.6.6 and complete the file in ISO format

Darwin_snow_legacy.iso (this tool is a file that directs leopard to start in the virtual machine)

2. installation:
1) install vmware_workstation_7.13. This should be very simple, just like installing other software.
2) Then we open VMware to create a new virtual machine, file -- New -- virtual machine, and select "Custom". Next, In the next step, the system prompts you to select a CD, select the "I will install the operating system later" at the bottom, and then select the client operating system. At this time, select FreeBSD 64-bit under other.

3) when naming the location of a virtual machine, you must first create a folder on the disk to store the installed Virtual Machine and virtual system, we need a better 30 GB space (I will build it on E: \ MAC ).
4) allocate 1 GB memory to the VM. (My memory is 3 GB)

5) after creation, you also need to modify the file created in the folder, open the E: \ Mac folder, and find. in the vmx file, open it in notepad and find guestos. We will change the text in the quotation marks to "darwin10", save it, and close it;

6) display the general settings as FreeBSD 64-bit

7) at this time, you need to operate on the Virtual Machine. Click the start button and then stop;

8) after stopping, locate option -- General and double-click it. The version is displayed as "version: Mac OS X Server 10.6 ".

9) Click hardware, select CD/DVD (IDE), select "use ISO image file:" on the right, Click Browse to find the previously downloaded darwin_snow_legacy.iso image file, and click OK;

10) start our Vm and wait for a moment until the prompt page appears. If not, right-click the disc in the lower right corner and select connect to find the mounted content;

11) do not press enter now. Now we need to mount the image file of leopard. Click the CD icon in the lower right corner and select the ISO image of leopard, then press F5 to bring up the option to install Mac OS X;

12) at this time, you can press the Enter key. After a while, the Select language option will pop up and select Simplified Chinese;

13) after the next step, let's choose to install the disk. At this time, we didn't format and partition the disk, so we couldn't display it. We need to set the disk, click "utility"> "disk tool" at the top ";

14) Select the disk on the left, click "partition" on the right, and click "+" to add a partition;

15) Click Close in the upper-right corner. The created disk is displayed on the current page;

16) Click Next to perform the installation;

17) the installation is complete. If you restart the system directly, the Mac logon interface is not displayed. You also need Darwin for guidance. Do not restart the system and mount the darwin_snow_legacy.iso image to restart the computer, after restart, the following interface is displayed. Select "Mac OS X" to start Mac;

18) There are some related configurations. It is best to have an iTunes account which will be entered later;

19) Finally, complete the installation;

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