Vmware VRA vRealize Automation 7 See computer resource Troubleshooting in endpoint

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Install Vrealize Automation 7 to customer. After you add the endpoint of vsphere, you can't see the cluster inside. Wait a long time to see cluster, in the fabric group to select a number of cluster as compute Repource.

But compute repource not catch the actual resource situation, log inside is a bunch of errors.

Found to be the IAAS server and SQL Server MSDTC communication issues.

Because both servers come from a single template, the MSDTC ID is the same. Therefore, run the following command on both machines to reload MSTSC as an administrator.



Then shut down the firewall for two machines.

Then follow the steps below to configure the MSDTC service

Run the dcomcnfg.exe command

    • Component services–> computers–> My computer–> distributed Transaction coordinator.

    • Right click on Local DTC & Select Properties

    • Select Security Tab

    • Select: Allow Remote clients, allow Inbond, allow Outbond

Then the test was filled with joy. However, the fault remains.

Tragedy, with dtcping test, the result is success. Depressed.

Then use the Dtctester test, unsuccessful. It is good news, though not successful. Look closely at the application events log on SQL and find that SQL is always initializing after MSDTC restarts. MSDTC. did not prompt successfully. Then restart the server for SQL Server. Problem solving.

Summary: There are a lot of articles on the web that address Ms MSDTC, but none of them speaks of restarting SQL Server. General production environment, a SQL may be connected to several applications, do not dare to restart. So the MSDTC service is not attached after the SQL service is not connected. If restarting the SQL service may also solve the problem, but if possible, restarting the entire server is the most secure scenario.

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Vmware VRA vRealize Automation 7 See computer resource Troubleshooting in endpoint

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