VMware Workstation 7 Virtual Machine installation Mac OS 10.6

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I believe that many players are used to the Microsoft Windows operating system, especially the latest Windows 7 operating system. The interface is friendly and easy to operate. However, almost all senior staff with computer experience and industry insiders agree that Apple's Mac operating system has a unique advantage. The cool interface experience gives us different feelings. Because Apple's operating system can only be installed on an apple host, we rarely see the true charm of Mac OS. Today we will introduce how to install the Apple operating system on your computer using virtual machines, feel the shock of Mac OS.

My computer configuration: ASUS f8se/t5850/2g/500 GB

Stage 1: preparations:

1. Make sure that your CPU is Intel and you must support the VT virtualization technology. Use the securable tool, as shown in:

2. VMware Workstation 7.1: [http://www.verycd.com/topics/2764299 /]

3. Mac OS x 10.6.3 snow leopard (the DMG format needs to be converted to the ISO format using ultraiso): [ftp://ftp1.macosx.com.cn: 89/system/Mac. OS. x.10.6.3.retail. DMG]

4. Download The darwin300 boot disk]

5. Some drivers required by the system: [http://cid-f1ddc825780f3571.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/vmware/VMDRIVERS.rar]

In the second stage, set the virtual machine:

1. Install and activate vmware workstation. Create a new virtual machine and create a freebsd 64bit virtual machine. We recommend that you set the memory to 1 GB and the hard disk to be larger than 20 GB. The default setting is OK. After creating a virtual machine, you need to remove (delete) floppy disk (soft drive) in options (settings );

2. open the directory of this virtual machine, find the file with the vmx extension, open it in notepad, find the guestos = line, and change the content in the double quotation marks "" To darwin10, Which is changed: guestos = "darwin10 ″. Close VMWare, open it again, click "options", and double-click General. At this time, there is an additional Mac OS X Server 10.6 in version, as shown in:

Stage 3: guidance:

For darwin300 boot, press F8 at startup and follow the prompts to perform the operations, as shown in, and then press the letter C to install the CD boot.

Stage 4: Install Snow Leopard:

After the third-stage boot is successful, it will enter the gray background and the Apple interface in the middle.

1. If there is no problem in the above steps, the interface will be displayed. Select "simplified Chinese"

2. We need to use the disk tool on the toolbar to partition the hard disk of the virtual machine. Select the partitioning method, select the guid partition table, and click Apply. Turn off the disk tool and return to the installation interface. Now we can see that the new disk has been detected by the system, as shown in:

3. Everything is OK. Now start Installation

4. Restart the boot disk. Do not forget to set the boot disk. The following page is displayed after the boot is successful. You can simply set the boot disk as prompted!

Stage 5: Install the driver:

1. We downloaded some drivers in step 1 of the first phase. Now we can install them one by one.

2. After the sound card driver and video card driver are installed, you can play music smoothly and adjust the system resolution. For the cool and cool Apple operating system interface


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