Vmware10 installing Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)

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Recently, people have been asking how to install Mac systems under VMware. The cause is a previous post that installs the Mac under Vmware8. So, re-download the latest version of the Apple system 10.8.5, finally installed successfully. Now we will pay attention and process to share with you friends.

First, the preparatory work:

(1) Virtual machine system: VMware Workstation 10, (or VMware player), please download it on-line.

(2) VMware's Mac patch pack. If you are using Vmware10, please download the patch pack V1.20, if it is Vmware8 or 9, please download the patch Pack V1.10. Patch Pack 120 is the card Rice forum in the Netizen Hpmlo provided.

(3) Apple's latest operating system OS X Mountain Lion, download address: Http://kuai.xunlei.com/d/dBhJEAIdmABxhjZS8e7

Second, install the software (this part is the key, after this close, the rear installation is very simple)

Because of the previously common Mac patch unlock 110, under VMware 10 is not available, so you need to use unlock 120来 patch. Therefore, before using the patch, be careful to review the version of VMware you are using.

Because the Apple system is a DMG image, the virtual machine does not support this format, so it needs to be converted to ISO format. Special Note: First use "good pressure" or ultraiso, Extract the downloaded DMG file 2.hfs file, and then from the 2.hfs file, the 4G file extracted, the file name is INSTALLESD.DMG, and then the INSTALLESD.DMG, the use of UltraISO converted to ISO format. Otherwise, the installation is not up, do not blame me not to speak clearly.

Run the VMware Patch: After extracting the downloaded patches, there will be several folders for each operating system. Please run the Install.cmd program under the Windows folder as a system administrator.

Third, build virtual machine

Follow VMware tips to create an Apple system virtual machine, in this step, make the following selections:

I downloaded the 10.8.5, so choose Mac OS X 10.8. Everyone according to their own download of the Apple system to make the appropriate choice. OS X 10.8.5 has a minimum memory requirement of 2G, otherwise it cannot be installed. Therefore, the physical memory of the small friends, you do not have to install the 10.8.5.

Other steps, all with VMware's default values, without any modifications.

Iv. installation of the Apple system

Special note: At the bottom of this step, be sure to run Disk utility first and partition the disk first. Otherwise, when you install OSX, you will not find the hard drive.

Disk utility partitions and then "Reinstall OS X" to install OSX.

After you install OS X, you must first hit VMware tools, otherwise the display effect will be greatly affected. Installation method: You cannot directly click "Install VMware Tools". In the optical drive setup there, select "Browse"

Then select the folder where VMware is located, you will see the "Darwin.iso" file, open this file.

In this case, you will see the CD-ROM icon turned into "VMware Tools" on your Mac system and you can double-click on the installation screen.

Now, you can enjoy the fun of the Mac. It's not bad to find it this time.

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