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It's not long before the game is out of date when you're so easy to cultivate your skills. That is to say, the life cycle of an E-sports player is basically the same as that of a game.

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Text/Zhang shule

Published in the "People's post and telecommunications News" application edition Travel Notes column in August 15

Some e-sports players have created a miracle of winning millions of prizes in a game. People who have just slowed down from the "Grief" of the mahjong International Competition began to talk about it, since e-sports are officially recognized by the State, it is time to enter the Olympic Games. After all, we have advantages.

In fact, this discussion existed a long time ago, but the main character is different. For example, before the Beijing Olympic Games, people had always had suggestions to make martial arts an Olympic program. In this way, individual and group gold medals could be properly "packed in bags", just like table tennis.

Not to mention whether the game can be won, but the failure of Mahjong is an excellent counterevidence. However, e-sports are difficult to become Olympic Games. I used to joke with an e-sports player on this topic and the result was sneaked at by her. The reason is very simple. It is said that Yao spent nine years from training to becoming a member of the Chinese Men's Basketball Team, although it seems that e-sports players can be quickly achieved, there is a huge problem that cannot be avoided-e-sports rely on games. Who have seen several games that have been booming for ten years? It's not long before the game is out of date when you're so easy to cultivate your skills. That is to say, the life cycle of an E-sports player is basically the same as that of a game.

Her reason is actually far-fetched. Before and after learning, the game can be constantly changed. Of course, players can also be constantly updated. "Jiangshan has talents and leads the competition for hundreds of years. But another problem arises. How can a game in a game always change and be accepted by the Olympics? After all, such as track and field events, ball games, and shooting, their "game" types and rules are all produced by "Competition" over a long period of time to a hundred years or even a thousand years, it can also maintain long-term vitality in the future. These elements are not available in e-sports, so do not talk about the Olympics or World Championships. Instead, you should play your e-sports competitions in different places.

However, even if you cannot enter the Olympic Games, e-sports are still shining. If you think that the e-competition players simply rely on their own strength to win, that would be a big mistake. As a kind of "game", its success depends on technology. Even modern sports have many technical skills. In the swimming pool of the Olympic Games, we have seen the "magic" swimsuits of contestants from different countries, this is especially the kind that American player Phelps wore during the Beijing Olympics. It claims that it can reduce the resistance by 4% and increase the score by 2%. In the hands of e-sports players, their mouse, keyboard, headphones, and mouse pads all have a high "technical level". They are all tailor-made "weapons ". On the surface, the competition is a technical competition between competition contestants and the competition between major peripheral manufacturers. I don't want to advertise here, but one thing I can say is that I haven't seen any professional e-campaign staff using wireless keyboard and mouse. microsecond-level response differences have no feeling for ordinary game players, however, it may directly lead to an electrical competition player who pays great attention to "micro-operations" and a successful defeat.

The Olympic Games are the vane of a sports brand. In fact, the competition is also the "T-platform" for computer peripherals. From this point of view, the competition is also very "Olympic Games ...... [Zhang shule: zsl13973399819]

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