Watch the 2014 World Cup in Brazil on the Linux desktop!

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Watch the 2014 World Cup in Brazil on the Linux desktop!

Football is the most widely used and most popular sport in the world. Modern Football originated in Britain. Football players run more than six miles per game on average. There are nearly 1 billion of viewers in the last World Cup in South Africa, and the number of viewers is expected to increase this year.

The 20th World Cup was held in Brazil from to. A total of 32 countries participated in the event.

Football lovers, we will introduce an application that provides the latest competition conditions and the number of players you like on the Linux Desktop. It is called "icup 2014 Brazil ". The following describes its features, usage, and installation.

Use the iCup application on Linux to provide real-time updates for World Cup competitions

ICup 2014 Brazil

What is "icup 2014 Brazil"

"Icup 2014 Brazil" is simply an application that provides you with the latest matches for the 2014 World Cup on a linux Desktop.

Features of "icup 2014 Brazil"
  • Adaptive user interface, such as automatic Scaling
  • View records quickly
  • Support for Facebook, twitter, and Google + social sharing
  • Support for Retina Display output
  • Real-time tracking of Competition Results
  • The combination of the national anthem gadgets from 32 countries and the open-air square is very good.
  • Built-in calendar and Time Zone tools, real-time display of day data, graphical display of the latest situation and score
  • Support proxy
Platform and Framework Support

This software can run on Mac, windows, and linux. It is designed for x86 CPUs on Linux, although it can also be installed on x64 platforms, however, we need to make some settings.

Technical specifications on different platforms
  • Real-time results, calendars, data groups, phase-2 integration, social network connections, and multi-language support.
  • Retina display support, this does not support windows and linux, only supports Mac OS
  • Detailed statistics-linux is supported. For windows and Mac, a donation is required.
  • Sound gadgets-supports MAC and linux, windows is not clear

Important: all the features above are supported. Some specific features are not provided free of charge except for linux. This is to pay for servers and bandwidth. For linux users, you don't need to worry about any details.

Install "icup 2014 Brazil" in Linux"

First, go to the "icup 2014 Brazil" official download page to download the software version of your computer platform.

32-bit Installation Steps
  1. # Cd Downloads/
  2. # Tar xvf iCup_2014_FREE-Brazil_1.1_linux.tar.bz2
  3. # Cd iCup \ 2014 \ FREE \-\ Brazil \ 1.1/
  4. # Chmod 755 iCup \ 2014 \ FREE \-\ Brazil

As mentioned above, this application is only designed for the X86 architecture. To install 32-bit software in a 64-bit architecture, we need to install some software packages on the system: GTK + 2 and libstdc ++. so.6.

Not just this software, a lot of Linux software does not support 64-bit architecture, such as Skype, we also need to adjust our system to install these software.

In a 64-bit System

Install GTK + 2 and libstdc ++ so.6 and run the following apt or yum commands:

  1. $ Sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-0 libstdc ++ 6 [run this command On Debian-based systems]

If an error is reported, run the following command to solve the problem:

  1. $ Sudo apt-get-f install
  1. # Yum install gtk2 libstdc ++ [execute this command on the RedHat-based system]

After the required software package is installed, you can install the 32-bit software in the 64-bit system. Go to your download directory, find the "icup 2014 Brazil" installation package, and then execute the following command

  1. # Cd Downloads/
  2. # Tar xvf iCup_2014_FREE-Brazil_1.1_linux.tar.bz2
  3. # Cd iCup \ 2014 \ FREE \-\ Brazil \ 1.1/
  4. # Chmod 755 iCup \ 2014 \ FREE \-\ Brazil


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