We are looking for Microsoft. NET/C #/SQL senior development/Testing Engineer/Project Leader/manager.

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Shenzhou Digital general software is hiring at Microsoft. NET/C #/SQL senior development/Testing Engineer/Project Leader/Manager

1.Senior Software Engineer (. NET/asp/C #/SQL Server)Senior Software Engineer


(1) Application Development for global clients 'outsourcing Service Projects

(2) responsible for software development.

(3) involved in the software development life cycle.


(1) BS or MS in computer or related fields

(2) hands-on experiences in SQL Server, multi-threading, C # and ASP. NET Programming

(3) familiar with software engineering, database technology

(4) 3 + years professional experience

(5) strong English capability (speaking, reading, and writing) is preferred.

(6) Good communication skills and an excellent team player.

Job description:

(1)Responsible for the development and implementation of global outsourcing projects.

(2)Responsible for software development, including after-sales maintenance and upgrade.

Requirements: (1)Bachelor degree or above in computer science.

(2) SQL Server, multi-threading,C #AndASP. NETPractical development experience.

(3)Familiar with software development and database theory

(4) 3At least one year of professional experience.

(5)Fluent English reading, writing, and communication.

(6)Good communication skills and teamwork experience.

2.Data Warehouse Testing Engineer (Data Warehouse Test Engineer)


(1) Write test cases based on Business Requirement doc, functional specification

(2) Conducting CT Testing Based on leader'S instruction, find and report bugs

(3) Arrange personal tasks based on team schedule and new change request from customers

(4) Communicate with dev team about the issues or defects found


(1) B .s in computer science (or equivalent) is required

(2) 1 or 2 years work experience in testing or developing database applications

(3) proficient at testing technologies

(4) proficient at SQL Server and T-SQL

(5) good in English reading, writing and speaking

(6) familiar with one or two automatic testing tool is a plus

3.Dev lead (Software Development Project Leader)


(1) lead a dev team to conducting CT tech development work for MS Batch project.

(2) Communicate with MS Redmond team daily for requirement communication and technical support.

(3) be responsible for the system architecture design and major function implimentation.


(1) familiar with. NET platform, experience with C #, VB, and Web UI implementation.

(2) system architecture design capability.

(3) lead a team and act as part of project manager role.

(4) be responsible for the project schedule and quality.

(5) Bachelor's degree or abve in computer science or related areas.

(6) fluent speaking and writing English is a must.

4.Project Manager (European and American Software Project Manager)


(1) responsible for working closely with MERs, management team, project teams, and related deployments to implementing customer projects

(2) Schedule and manage several customer projects with different complexities between, semantic writing formal proposal; project scheduling and estimation; Cost Control; managing and monitoring project procedure and Development states; quality controls; recruiting employee;

(3) communicate and organize project teams, improve/keep teamwork and creating team spirit


(1) dedication in application development for global clients 'outsourcing Service Projects

(2) excellent communication skills and good management skills

(3) experience in leading teams of 10 + engineers;

(4) BS or MS in computer science or relevant fields;

(5) 3 + years experience in projects management;

(6) 5 + years professional experience

(7) 2 + years hands-on experience in software development

(8) experience in software process control, CMM related methodologies

(9) strong English capability (speaking, reading, and writing) is a must

(10) writing formal proposals in English is essential

(11) experience abroad is a plus


Please submit your resume in Chinese and EnglishDeliverRecruit_bj@dgtis.comOur staff will promptly contact you and indicate the source of the information.

For more company information and job opportunities, visit the company website.Www.dgtis.com


Company Profile:


Dgt Information Systems Ltd. (dgt)
Shenzhou Digital General Software Co., Ltd.

Company Overview
Dgt Information Systems (dgt) was established as a joint venture between Digital China, General Electric (GE) and Tokyo Information Systems (TIS) in 2003.

Since its foundation, dgt has always dedicated to providing superior software development and IT services to global clients. Currently, dgt has employees internal SS Development Centers in Japan , Hongkong, Shanghai And Beijing . Current customers include Ge, Microsoft, Oracle, toshba, Canon, Epson, IBM, Nokia and sap.

Dgt strategles
Brand Strategy-dgt insists on building up our own national brand and intemational brand
Talent Strategy-dgt invites all the talented people to join in our team and offers all-sided training opportunires and career planning.
Social Responsibilities-dgt dedicated in cultivating fresh gradustes into professional engineers.

As ChinaItShenzhoudigital group of pioneer enterprises was founded in2000Year,It was split from the original Lenovo Group and completed its listing in Hong Kong in just one year. Since its establishment, the Group has provided products and services nationwide.120Multiple cities have established11Major business bases, with more8,700Name.

Shenzhou Digital General Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred toDgtBy Digital China group and Forbes World500The second largest U. S. General Electric Company (Ge) And the fifth largest software company in JapanTisA powerful alliance entity jointly funded by the company in China.

Since its launch,DgtWe are committed to establishing China's first-class software development enterprises and providing high-quality software products and services for China, Japan, Europe and the United States, currently, development entities have been established in Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing.

DgtIt has a host from all over the world (including the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia......), The outstanding talent advantage isDgtA solid foundation for continuous development and growth.

So farDgtSameGe, Microsoft, Oracle, Toshiba, Canon, Epson,IBM, Nokia,SAPAnd other world-class multinational companies to maintain and develop good cooperative relations. And actively strive2008Years of unremitting efforts to achieve the company's listing.

DgtThree strategies
Brand Strategy: The company adheres to the Construction of first-class national brands and the creation of world-renowned brands;
Talent Strategy: The company recruits professionals around the world, provides good training and career planning, and regards talent development and reserve as the most important company strategy;
Social Responsibility Strategy: The company has always been able to relieve local employment pressure and absorb/Cultivate new college graduates as social responsibilities.

-Customer satisfaction is the company's primary goal
-High profit growth is the unremitting pursuit of Enterprises
-Employee growth is the fundamental driving force for enterprise development

DgtEnterprise Culture
-Modest, open, confident, and team spirit

respecting talents and knowledge is the belief that dgt remains unchanged.
digital shenzhou.com, who is committed to Digital China and building a national brand of excellence, sincerely look forward to your joining, let's share the joy of growth together!

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