We may not know much about Linux.

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We may not know much about Linux-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. There are often a lot of scattered files (mostly documents, htm and pdf files). Logically, they are a whole, and it is always troublesome to put them in folders, every time you clean up all the viruses or organize files, it is like a maze, which is very troublesome.

As a result, it is impossible to compress these files into a whole. Each time you unlock these files, it will be terrible. It is a good idea to make an iso cd image.

As a result, I went to the Internet for a long time and found a lot of software. The result was still depressing when I went down. One of them only supported generating ISO from the CD, and the other one had to register before being able to make the CD, there is also a file that does not directly support ISO, violent sweat, maybe too much back, did not find a suitable tool.

Because the file to be packaged is on Linux, I wonder if there will be any related tools on Linux. I was surprised to check the file on the Internet. I just wanted to run the command "mkisofs ".

Maybe the Linux performance is really good, or the server performance is 8 errors. If there are more than 2 GB files, it will be done in 1 minute and a half. Surprise!

Mkisofs-r-J-V after the disc is inserted, the name-o file name. iso folder name/is displayed/

Example: mkisofs-r-J-V RHEL4-U5-ES-DOC-o RHEL4-U5-ES-DOC.iso RHEL4-U5-ES-DOC/

We may not know much about Linux, so we can drop its capacity.
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