We recommend the typical Android programming examples and project development book to all android beginners!

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After studying Android for half a year, books in the library have almost been borrowed. The final conclusion is that only the typical Android programming examples and project development book is the best. The author is published by Wu Yafeng, du huamei, Su yaguang, and the Electronic Industry Publishing House. Where is this book ?? Let's talk about other books in two ways. One is the implementation of an example from beginning to end. The problem is that some things are not consistent with the project you want to do, you cannot find the content you want to view. The adequacy is not very good. What about the second one is that it is very scattered,CodeIncomplete write. For such books, you must complete the CD code.

Therefore, I recommend the book "typical Android programming examples and project development". I have explained in detail the layout, the use of common controls, the progress bar, and other dialogs. Content covers a wide range of, I want to check what module can be directly referenced, so it is really vomiting blood recommendations, the book of the disc data download link: http://iask.sina.com.cn/u/1336618667/ish? Folderid = 914063

Hope this articleArticleIt can be helpful for beginners of Android, so you don't need to read it anymore ~~~


Later Note: later I saw the China Railway Publishing House, and Zhao Qiming's "android typical technology module development details" book is also good, it is an improved book!

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