Webuploader IE9 the error

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Webuploader is a simple HTML5-based, flash-supplemented modern file upload component developed by the Baidu Webfe (FEX) team. In the project, we recommend and always use Webuploader for file upload business development.

Of course, due to the improper use of some people can also lead to some small problems. Small note.

1.WebUploader IE9 error, specifically reported which line of errors forget, the error is a flash inside the upload method does not exist.

A. Encountering errors, debugging to the corresponding line, the first feeling is that the problem is no solution, think it is IE9 under the bug, but think about the internet and there is no relevant statement and the project IE9 the other places below the upload is correct

B. Then judge is not the business face element Bound 2 times the control, resulting in problems, printing down also no related issues

C. Think again, you can only put the control code, binding event limitations to try, and finally located in the selection of files, start uploading the event callback due to business needs, the upload button hide, resulting in the page above the Flash Object recycling

Then because of the time relationship, tried the next visibility is the same problem, did not try other ways, contacted the product, in the business to do the processing

2.WebUploader IE low browser below, Dot did not respond.

A. The low version of IE browser is uploaded by Flash, see the next element, the relevant flash element does not exist

B. Bitter force in the tracking code ... Finally found that the developer's computer is a virtual machine, so there is no flash installed ... No words, Webuploader console also did not see the obvious reminder ...


Webuploader IE9 the error

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