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In PHP, what are colon, endif, endwhile, and endfor? endwhileendfor. What are colon, endif, endwhile, and endfor in PHP? we often see many strange PHP syntaxes in the templates of wordpress blog programs, such :? In php, what are colon, endif, endwhile, and endfor? endwhileendfor

We often see many strange PHP syntaxes in the templates of wordpress blog programs, such:

For a considerable number of PHP enthusiasts, what are these things? Are those blog developers doing their own PHP-like template languages?
None. In fact, these are PHP syntaxes, but they are not commonly used. they are all alternative syntaxes for PHP process control.
Here we will give you a detailed description of the alternative syntax of PHP process control.What is an alternative syntax?
Simply put, it is an alternative way of writing some syntaxes.

Which of the following statements in PHP have alternative syntaxes?
Process control (including if, while, forforeach, switch) statements have alternative syntax.

The basic form of alternative syntax:
Replace Left curly braces ({) with colons (:), and change right curly braces (}) with endif;, endwhile;, endfor;, endforeach; and endswitch;

For example:

Is a negative number.

The preceding statement is equivalent

Is a negative number.

Why is it almost invisible in pure PHP code?
These syntaxes are a little different from the C family's tradition. they are not used to these syntaxes and are not very convenient.

Everyone is not used to it. what is the use of this alternative? Does it hurt?
Existence is reasonable, and it has its own use. these syntaxes can be used in the code of PHP and HTML hybrid pages. Benefits:
1. make the HTML and PHP mixed page code clean and tidy.
Friends who have code cleansing are most afraid of mixed code. with these alternative syntaxes without curly braces, you may be happy to have a natural sensation.
2. clearer process control logic and easier code reading
I want to change the mixed PHP and HTML code of others. I will clean it! Too much TMD junk! If the alternative syntax is used, I don't think it's too messy for junk program developers.
3. some friends who transfer from ASP and other basic language families will be more likely to use PHP.

It's useless for half a day. what can I do? How to use this item?

According to the previous usage method, the alternative syntax of the if statement is as follows:

Equal to 5

Equal to 5

5 or 6

While alternative syntax:

  • Loop point

  • For alternative syntax:

  • Loop point

  • Foreach alternative syntax:

  • Loop point

  • Switch substitution syntax:
    Switch ($ I ):
    Case 0:
    Echo "I equals 0 ";
    Case 1:
    Echo "I equals 1 ";
    Case 2:
    Echo "I equals 2 ";
    Echo "I is not equal to 0, 1 or 2 ";

    Ghost we often see many strange PHP syntaxes in the templates of wordpress blog programs, such :? Php...

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