What is the difference between Linux shell and Linux commands? What about Windows shell and Windows commands?

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Shell translates into shell meaning, it is wrapped in the Linux kernel layer, a series of Linux commands can be issued to the operating system related instructions to the human-machine interface. The shell can combine a series of Linux commands with its conditional statements and loop statements to form a process-oriented program, Shell script, to implement some of the more complex functions. to summarize, the shell is the Linux command set, which is the command line of the human-machine interface. the shell is a program written in C that is a bridge for users to use Linux. The shell is both a command language and a programming language. a Shell is an application that provides an interface through which users access the service of the operating system kernel.  Ken Thompson's SH is the first UNIX shell,windows Explorer to be a typical graphical interface Shell. Shell and shell script are not the same thing, usually we are talking shell script. 

Shell programming is like Java and PHP programming, as long as there is a text editor that can write code and a script interpreter that can explain execution.

There are many types of shell in Linux, common:

      • Bourne Shell (/usr/bin/sh or/bin/sh)
      • Bourne Again Shell (/bin/bash)
      • C Shell (/USR/BIN/CSH)
      • K Shell (/usr/bin/ksh)
      • Shell for Root (/sbin/sh)
      • ......
      • The shell is a command interpreter, between the kernel and the user, responsible for passing the user's instructions to the kernel and echoing the execution results back to the user, while the shell can be a powerful programming language.

On the Windows platform, shell=cmd.exe (command shell) uses commands on Windows to write a batch file and click Execute, such as Test.bat.

What is the difference between Linux shell and Linux commands? What about Windows shell and Windows commands?

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