What is Internet finance?

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Said internet finance is bound to talk about the financial Internet, but also must first understand the financial internet to explain the white Internet finance, but also only to understand that these can really understand what internet finance is, to understand its existence and development opportunities and possibilities and will face the challenges .....

From the ancient knowledge of the present, from the phenomenon to see the essence.

Financial Internet usually refers to the traditional financial industry to use the Internet technology to achieve the management and service of individual institutions, it can be seen that the financial Internet is more than just the Internet technology as a simple tool, more functional needs and services, the financial Internet from a functional point of view.

Internet finance is the vertical of Internet technology in the financial industry, internet finance is not only the application of Internet technology in this field, but more integration of Internet technology and financial technology, one of the important characteristics of Internet technology itself is the media method, fast connectivity, high-speed calculation and low cost, These characteristics are also the development of the financial industry and the needs of the soil ...., Internet finance is from the user's point of view.

It can be seen that internet finance and the financial Internet exist a very big difference.

Besides, what are the differences and differences between China and the United States in the direction of internet finance, the analysis of these is to better see the development of China's Internet financial sector and possible.

The United States is a very concerned about the development of science and technology, but also a very concerned about the application of new technology in the country, at the same time, the United States is also a high degree of financial freedom of the country, thus, the United States has a very large community bank, has a very developed Internet network, the financial industry for Internet technology is very adequate, These make the United States financial industry and the integration of the Internet industry is very close, coupled with the United States financial corner is very small, the financial industry has the power to control the world, so the United States, the network finance and financial Internet has been basically formed and merged.

Before 2012, China's financial industry compared to the world and Europe and the United States and Japan's finance, the actual more like "regulated finance", traditional finance almost completely monopolized the industry, the monopoly of the financial sector of the product line is also very monotonous, difficult to meet market demand, financial regulatory policy is not very suitable for economic financial needs, In addition, the use of Internet technology at the social level is not high (2015, the United States Internet use rate of 75%, China is 25%), China is now in the financial sector reform and the rapid development of Internet technology opportunities, but also two demand power (financial technology needs and Internet technology needs) pull, In addition, China is now familiar with these two technical fields are very few people, which has formed the crazy development of the industry there are serious technical bottlenecks and huge market demand.

From the above, China's internet finance is likely to form a greater reversal of traditional finance, dilute the traditional financial market share, the financial industry practitioners for what is high-frequency data flow, what is the server matrix, what is user behavior data, what is the account advantage, what is the user experience ... Just confused, in two areas where there are big differences and divisions, traditional finance is bound to lose many opportunities for counter-attacks ....

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What is Internet finance?

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