What is the reason for the SQL Server transaction log to be filled up

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The SQL Server transaction log may be filled, which blocks subsequent database operations, including update, DELETE, INSERT, and checkpoint.

Full transaction log fills can cause 1105 errors:

Can ' t allocate space for object syslogs in database dbname because

The logsegment is full. If you are ran out of spaces in syslogs, dump

The transaction log. Otherwise use ALTER DATABASE or

Sp_extendsegment to increase the size of the segment.

This behavior may occur in any database, including master and tempdb. Some unpredictable factors may consume log space. For example:

A large transaction, especially as a batch data update, insert, or delete.

A transaction that has not been committed.

The required bandwidth is too large for a checkpoint handler to intercept.

Truncation exceeded threshold

The results of interaction between the various conditions mentioned above.

The token transaction used for the publication is not read by the Log reader

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