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Higher insurance quota is more suitable for middle-class families

■ New Express reporter Pang qiying intern Chen pengli

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Ms. Mai, who works in Public Relations in Guangzhou, is a member of the army of tens of millions of mainland customers who want to apply for insurance in Hong Kong. According to her insurance friend in Hong Kong, she purchased a 10-year, non-investment-connected critical illness insurance from prudential insurance in Hong Kong. The insurance cover more than 100 types of critical diseases, A maximum of 0.4 million yuan is guaranteed, and a maximum of 2.8 million yuan is paid for critical illness during the warranty period. Every year, she needs to pay a premium of about 27,000 yuan. According to reports, when you purchase this type of insurance, the insured can receive 7 critical illness compensation opportunities. Miss Mai said that the biggest reason for insurance in Hong Kong is that this type of insurance in Hong Kong is higher than that in similar insurance in the Mainland, and the amount of insurance is higher.

  Hong Kong has received 7 critical illness compensation

Miss Mai said that most of the major illness insurance products in the mainland do not cover the compensation for cancer in situ, but the Hong Kong products she purchased include. In addition, each insured person has a total of 7 critical illness payments for "3 cancers + 4 other major diseases. The maximum amount of compensation for each critical illness is 0.4 million yuan, and four other major critical illness compensation periods are not limited. In terms of cancer compensation, since the day on which the person was diagnosed with cancer for the first time, after receiving a compensation, after five years of expiration, the person can receive another serious illness compensation. Moreover, cancer is not in conflict with the compensation for other critical diseases. "For example, if you have gastric cancer this year and get a refund, you can still pay for critical illness if you find another serious illness again for the second time ." Said Miss Mai. In addition, the insurance she purchased was also given free of charge to her for a hospitalization subsidy of up to 5000 yuan for common diseases within five years.

In mainland China, the second compensation for cancer insurance must come five years after the first cancer cure. Miss Mai told The New Express reporter that she had some friends and colleagues who were buying critical illness insurance in the Mainland and paid 2000 yuan/year. Generally, they could only get 30 thousand yuan in critical illness compensation, you can only get up to 90 thousand RMB. If you pay-yuan in premium every year, the maximum amount of compensation is only RMB. "Moreover, there cannot be as many as 100 types of critical illness that can be paid in mainland China ." She said. Because she is engaged in high-pressure, high-intensity public relations work, coupled with the threat of food safety and air problems, she must be prepared.

  List of Mainland accredited hospitals attached to the insurance policy

When mainlanders purchase various insurances from Hong Kong, many insiders analyzed that insurance claims and complaints should be handled back in Hong Kong. In addition, if you are buying medical-related insurance, you have to go to a local hospital in Hong Kong to get the appropriate compensation. Miss Mai denies this. She said that when she purchased the critical illness insurance, the Hong Kong insurance company provided her with a list of families that could pay for the disease and included a list of accredited health checks and hospitals. According to her, the list of accredited hospitals listed by insurance companies not only includes the top three hospitals in the mainland, but also is recognized by many local small hospitals. The insured person can go to the hospital listed in the List for examination or medical treatment, and receive compensation based on the bill of the authorized hospital.

And the compensation time is not long. Submit the list to the insurance company. Within one month, the insurance company will make a claim. If the recipient is not in Hong Kong, the insurance company will make a settlement by cheque. The recipient can withdraw money by cheque in the Mainland. "But you may have to pay 20 or 30 yuan of claim service fee," said Ms Mai. "But as long as the service fee is cheaper than the transportation fee to Hong Kong, I think it is cost-effective ." However, she said that she seldom heard of the appeal cases.

However, she also said that although there are no other conditions for Mainland residents to apply for insurance in Hong Kong, everyone can buy insurance in Hong Kong. However, Hong Kong insurance is generally higher than that in mainland China and is suitable for families with a relatively high economy. Similar to the critical illness insurance she purchased, she needs to pay an annual premium equivalent to RMB 27,000.

  Insurance for mainland customers in Hong Kong

Q &

Q = new express a = Miss Zhu, Hong Kong senior licensed financial manager

Exchange Rate Problems

Q: The exchange price of RMB and Hong Kong dollar has fallen from 1.2 yuan to 0.79 yuan (PER) in seven years. If I buy insurance from Hong Kong for a long time, the benefits may not be high?

A: The exchange rate for insurance in Hong Kong is indeed a big problem. If the renminbi has been rising but not falling, the customer will indeed suffer exchange rate losses. But will there be a law in this world that can only rise or fall? In just over a decade and 20 years, the mainland has seen high inflation. In the case of high premium in the Mainland, the customer's insurance policies are more quickly devalued, while Hong Kong insurance calculates exchange rate losses, it is also cheaper and more cost-effective than Mainland insurance policies.

Q: Is it cost-effective to buy Hong Kong insurance in Hong Kong dollars or US dollars?

A: The Renminbi is indeed increasing every year, but from the trend, the appreciation of the renminbi is nearing the end. If you invest in Hong Kong insurance in RMB, the payment is also made in installments, and the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on the value of the insurance policy is also relatively small, can the RMB in more than a decade or decades still maintain today's value? If the exchange rate declines after decades, purchasing insurance in Hong Kong will benefit more.

Q: Is there a good opportunity to apply for insurance in Hong Kong when the dollar depreciates?

A: saving life insurance is a long-term life plan and should not be affected by short-term economic fluctuations. Hong Kong dollar and US dollar are linked. In the long run, it is safer to have a Hong Kong insurance. Moreover, if your asset is RMB 100%, you need to spread the risk and not put all the eggs in one basket. The annual premium fee is paid, and the exchange rate change is fully reflected in the actual premium every year.

Claims and payment

Q: How do I pay for the insurance I bought in Hong Kong?

A: 1. Authorize the insurance company to pay automatically: the policyholder authorizes the insurance company to pay the premium from the bank where the policyholder is located on the day of the policyholder's payment. The policyholder can submit the authorization letter to the agent after the policy takes effect. (Automatic debit for opening an account at a Hong Kong bank)

2. Online payment: the policyholder pays the premium directly through the "online transfer" function of the Hong Kong bank. (Hong Kong)

3. Bank collection: the policyholder can deposit the money into the bank account of the insurance company through the Hong Kong bank. (Hong Kong)

4. ATM payment: the policyholder pays the premium on any ATM in the bank where the insurance company opens an account. (Hong Kong)

5. International Check: the policyholder sends the bank check directly to the insurance company or insurance consultant.

6. Customer Service Center: the customer can go to the service center of the insurance company to pay cash premiums. (It can be paid by a relative)

Q: How can I pay the annual premium in the future?

A: The policyholder can open a bank account in Hong Kong and use the bank's automatic transfer to pay the premium. online bank transfers do not require any handling fees. The transfer amount will be settled at the exchange rate on the current day. Accounts opened in Hong Kong can process transfers, remittances, and account checking through the Internet, or send money directly to insurance company accounts outside mainland China (the remittance handling fee of Mainland banks is RMB 138, hong Kong bank transfers are charged at HK $65 ). If you come to Hong Kong every year, you can pay the premium in cash.

Q: after the Hong Kong insurance policy takes effect, can the policyholder access the Internet to view his/her insurance information?

Q: What kind of currency can I select for an insurance policy in Hong Kong?

A: You can select a Hong Kong dollar insurance policy or a US dollar insurance policy for Hong Kong insurance. Now, there are also RMB insurance policies. Hong Kong dollar insurance policies and US dollar insurance policies have a relatively higher income, and the RMB insurance policy has a lower income. Because Hong Kong dollar and dollar are both convertible currencies, which are more internationalized and have a wider investment channel. Currently, the renminbi cannot be freely convertible, and the investment pipeline is relatively narrow, therefore, the return on the RMB policy is relatively low.

Q: Why is there a signature from the company owner for the formal insurance policy sent to Hong Kong?

A: Unlike the Mainland, Hong Kong does not need to use the company's official seal to confirm the validity of the insurance policy. This is also a common practice in Western countries. It is actually very easy to verify the authenticity of a Hong Kong insurance policy. You can call the customer service of an insurance company in Hong Kong to check your personal information and number with the customer service to determine the authenticity. Another way is, log on to the online account assigned to the customer by the insurance company in Hong Kong.

Q: What do mainland customers need to bring to purchase insurance in Hong Kong?

A: If a Mainland Customer Wants To apply for insurance in Hong Kong and Macao, he must carry his/her Hong Kong and Macao pass (or passport) and ***. If the husband and wife need mutual insurance, he/she must have a marriage certificate or an account book, A birth certificate is required. In addition, you need to pay by swiping the card with the UnionPay logo.

Q: How to claim compensation? Is the claim handling procedure complex?

A: You only need to prepare materials for the claim to be handled by the insurance consultant, or you can directly deliver the materials to the insurance company for relevant procedures. The insurance company's claims fund issues a Universal check globally, and customers can collect it in any bank. Some insurance companies also offer bank services from Hong Kong to mainland customers.

Dispute handling

Q: Are Chinese people buying insurance in Hong Kong protected by the laws of Hong Kong and can disputes be solved?

A: In fact, most insurance companies have set up contract-signing and Certification centers. customers who want to apply for insurance in Hong Kong must visit them. The warranty documents signed in Hong Kong are accepted and protected by the laws of Hong Kong.

Since January 1, May 1, 2013, the Hong Kong Insurance Claims Complaint Board has issued a complaint to be accepted by non-Hong Kong residents. In the event of a claim dispute between the customer and the insurance company, the Agency has come forward to accept a dispute trial, legal force is directly produced in the trial results. If it is determined that the insurance company must make a claim. What is different from the mainland is that if there is a dispute with an insurance company in the mainland, it still needs to be held in court with the insurance company.

Q: What does the plan mean that it is not suitable for "use in mainland China?

A: this means that the purchase of Hong Kong insurance must be signed in Hong Kong for validity and is protected by the laws of Hong Kong.

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