When playing full-screen games such as Angry Birds on android, TP becomes invalid. androidtp

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When playing full-screen games such as Angry Birds on android, TP becomes invalid. androidtp
1. The tpd_down () and tpd_up () Functions of the tp driver do not need to report the ID number, and the upper layer will automatically match;
2. In the tpd_up () function, you only need to report BTN_TOUCH and mt_sync information. Other information is not reported, as shown below:
Static void tpd_up (int x, int y, int * count)
Input_report_key (tpd-> dev, BTN_TOUCH, 0 );
// Printk ("U [% 4d % 4d % 4d]", x, y, 0 );
Input_mt_sync (tpd-> dev );
TPD_EM_PRINT (x, y, x, y, 0, 0 );
If (FACTORY_BOOT = get_boot_mode () | RECOVERY_BOOT = get_boot_mode ())
Tpd_button (x, y, 0 );
How can angry birds in a game be displayed in a window instead of a full screen?"

Open the config. lua file in Notepad
Change fullscreen = true to fullscreen = false.
The two are width and height settings.
Width = 800
Height = 600
Set by yourself

How can Angry Birds enable full screen by default?

Use NotePad to edit the config in the installation directory of Angry Birds. in the lua file, if the statement is "fullscreen = false", then you are not the default full screen. Change this sentence to "fullscreen = true", and then save the file and run the game again.

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