Why cannot Microsoft follow Apple's example to keep Windows 10 free?

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Why cannot Microsoft follow Apple's example to keep Windows 10 free?
In July 29 last year, Microsoft released Windows 10, an important operating system. At that time, Microsoft announced that Windows 7/8. 1 users could upgrade to Windows 10 for free within one year after Windows 10 was released. Time flies, and it's just a year. In the future, you will not be able to upgrade your laptop, desktop or tablet to Windows 10 for free.

After upgrading to Windows 10, you will receive a wide range of new features to improve the gaming, social media, search, and cloud computing experience. However, from now on, if you want to upgrade to Windows 10, you have to pay $119.

Maybe, you will ask, why does apple's mac OS continue to be free, but Microsoft's Windows is charged? Today, foreign media have explained the following:

Microsoft is first a software company

To put it simply, since Microsoft was founded, Windows has been the core pillar of the company's business. It wasn't until about four years ago that the 41-year-old company had invested heavily in other business areas, including cloud computing and hardware products.

In the 35 years since its establishment, Microsoft's business basically did not include hardware. It relied mainly on selling Windows software to various PC hardware manufacturers to earn revenue. At the same time, Microsoft also directly sells boxed Windows operating systems to consumers to earn revenue.

On the other hand, since its establishment in 1976, Apple has been focusing on software and hardware. When you purchase a MacBook or iPhone, they will all come with software independently developed by Apple. Because Apple's hardware products belong to the high-end category (premium), the cost of its software products can basically be returned through hardware "subsidies.

Microsoft's Surface device is a hardware product independently developed by Microsoft and preinstalled with a Windows operating system. Currently, users can still purchase new laptops, desktops, or tablets to get Windows 10 for free.

That is to say, only users who have not upgraded within the specified time or have not purchased a new PC will have to spend $119 on the upgrade. Looking forward to the future, Windows 10 will receive free upgrades over the next decade.

Content and continuity

In addition to a few devices, Microsoft focuses on software, including Office 365 Office kits, a few mobile applications, and cloud computing platform Azure.

At the same time, Apple also benefited a lot from the software industry, the company involved in the fields of digital media and mobile application economics. Over the years, Apple has earned a steady stream of revenue from these channels. Today, Apple's operating systems and most important applications are basically free of charge for all Apple hardware products.

Using this method, Apple can attract more users to its own ecosystem and firmly define these users in its own ecosystem. Because of this, users expect Apple to provide "free" updates for their expensive devices.

In comparison, Microsoft only began to build a software and hardware ecosystem similar to Apple in the past five years, and its foundation is not yet solid. Moreover, in essence, Microsoft cannot completely abandon its original business model.

Microsoft always puts software first

Speaking of this, you should have a general understanding of why Windows 10 stops the free upgrade after one year of release. Windows 10 is Microsoft's first major innovative operating system over the years. It is an operating system of "software as a service, this means that it will continuously get brand new features and improvements. Windows 10 is also a cross-platform operating system applicable to PCs, tablets, smartphones, and Xbox game consoles.

Microsoft's change stems from the succession of the new CEO Satya Nadella two years ago. According to his strategy, Office software such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint began to enter smartphones and tablets, provides support for platforms such as Android and iOS, instead of PC monopoly. In the future, Microsoft will continue to rely on these software and services to earn revenue.

At the same time, Microsoft has invested heavily in future technologies, including artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies. However, in the end, Microsoft will still put the software first in the future.

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