Why the game machine with the elimination of technology is the best-selling (people's Posts and Telecommunications newspaper column "Happy Travels" 54)

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Nintendo's handheld gaming machine, from the beginning of Game&watch, has been branded as "obsolete technology". But this is the key to the success of Nintendo's handheld machines.

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Wen/Zhang Shule

Published in the "People's Post and telecommunications" application version of the Travel News column, April 24

"Balance thinking using the technology of being phased out" is the motto of the cross-Jin Ping that constantly rules the palm machine, and it is important to note that this is really not a successful "right crap", on the contrary, in the Game&watch and Game Boy two palm machines, Everywhere you see the technology that will be eliminated becomes the core technology application.

What is the core selling point of Game&watch? The last column has been about turning the electronic calculator into a game console. There was an age background that could not be overlooked-in the five years before the IPO of Game&watch, a protracted "handheld electronic calculator war" erupted in Japan's two major camps, sharp and Casio. This "Red Sea" war, the winner is also scarred. People who have used calculators know that the ultimate winner is sharp, but at the time Sharp paid a heavy price, ultra-low price dumping let sharp occupy the market, but the market soon saturated, the price is hopeless, Sharp has to pay the market subsidy from the pocket, since then, Two production lines carrying micro-LCD panels are also in a semi-shutdown state.

Cross Jin Ping naturally did not miss this opportunity, because this time to order LCD screen will be very cheap. But there is also a problem, compared to the video games that have appeared at that time, the LCD screen on the display of the pixel combination is too ugly, is almost more than 10 years ago the TV game "play the rest." But the Nintendo boss in the mountains of Pu said to him: "The advantage of portable mainframe is ' portable ', whether in cars or airplanes, and even mountaineering and seawater bath, can enjoy the ubiquitous entertainment." "This makes the cross Jin Ping enlightened. Yes, why the pursuit of the ultimate game to enjoy, as long as providing simple and intuitive game fun to resolve the loneliness of the journey.

Compared with the video game console's luxury picture, Game&watch did not use the change of the game background, even directly with the foam sticker replacement, now it seems that really enough "cottage", is simply "paper paste game", but the final result is a portable game console success.

Because the horizontal Jin Ping in the technical balance, in ensuring that the game is full of power, while playing a lot of gameplay. For example, the first Game&watch selected a ball game, the game needs to play home around two keys to catch the ball falling from the sky, the game designers play a small pattern, so that the ball falling speed will continue to subtly change, when fast and slow, players just adapt to a rhythm, May be defeated by another rhythm ... In just 8 months, the game's handheld sold 3 million. In fact, so far, is also a lot of small games used in the "trick", the challenge is the player's "habits."

A recruit fresh, eat all over the day. The strategy of balancing the eliminated technology, Jin Ping, was once again on Nintendo's classic handheld Game Boy. 1989, Game Boy before and after the sale, Sega and other games companies also launched a new generation of palm machine, no other, on a bright spot-from the black and white era into the color era. But the Game Boy looked maverick, still using a four-color black and white screen. Not horizontal Jin Ping do not know the technical progress, but he is very clear: color LCD screen will inevitably lead to the battery working hours become very short, but also make the palm machine price becomes expensive.

Since the core of portable handheld is entertainment, players can only play a small meeting, no way to let the player satisfaction, in contrast, not too much power of the black and white screen can let the player in the journey to play for a long time do not have to change batteries, which is enough. After all, for portable devices, the battery is the user's heart pain, can save or save points. In 1998, the color screen version of Game Boy was officially released, resulting in a total of 120 million Game Boy sales in 2003, making all of their contemporaries a nameless competitor.

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Why the game machine with the elimination of technology is the best-selling (people's Posts and Telecommunications newspaper column "Happy Travels")

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