Win7 64-bit operating system PC desktop appears this computer is being attacked window

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I am a win7 64-bit operating system, Dell notebook PC.

Yesterday in the classroom to write a program, suddenly appear on the desktop this computer is being attacked window, as shown below. Every half minute or so appears on the computer desktop to turn two laps.

And since the virus, the computer running speed has become very slow, with the online solution, no effect, almost to reload the system. Open Task Explorer and discover that there are several Globle.exe virus programs that end the program it will start from.

Later, the use of 360 security guards in the Trojan to solve

This process takes longer to scan and waits patiently. After Avira good, restart the computer can.

A netizen put forward in the computer security mode to carry out anti-virus operation, may each person's situation is different, the proposal according to individual situation to solve.

Win7 64-bit operating system PC desktop appears this computer is being attacked window

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