Win8 system appears ndis.sys blue screen How to do win8 system computer appears ndis.sys blue screen Solution

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In the WIN8 operating system often encountered a blue screen problem, recently there is a WIN8 system computer appeared ndis.sys blue screen, this situation how to solve it? In response to this problem, small compiled some methods for everyone, we can try to solve the problem of WIN8 system Ndis.sys blue screen, take a look at it.


1, the computer has a virus (open Tencent computer housekeeper one anti-virus scan killing)

If you kill a Trojan or virus, you should immediately restart, restart the computer, came to "quarantine | recovery", completely removed, trojans and viruses.

2, the computer system has stubborn virus and Trojan or worm interference, or lost system files (Tencent computer Butler Trojan killing, open Tencent computer housekeeper a scan killing).

3, the computer download software conflict, incompatible, (Tencent computer butler, software Uninstall, find uninstall, and again: Brute Force cleaning)! For example: The player repeats or has similar, the anti-virus, the browser, the game, the input method has the similar superfluous, the unloading superfluous, only leaves one paragraph.

4, software needs to be updated, Tencent computer butler, software upgrades, download, cover installation, WinRAR can not be promoted.

5, the system has a new loophole waiting for installation, you can open Tencent computer Butler a bug repair a scan repair.

6, video card or memory CPU, or fan contact is bad and loose or dust cover.

The above is the WIN8 system computer appears ndis.sys blue screen solution, find out the reason can easily solve the problem, I hope that through this article on the operation of the blue screen of the problem has a more in-depth understanding.

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