Windows under Virtual machine installation Mac OS X-----VM12 Install Mac OS X 10.11

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Windows under Virtual machine installation Mac OS x-–vm12 install Mac OS X 10.11

With the iphone in the country, more and more developers into the iOS development army, but are suffering from the Apple machine, this article will introduce the win virtual Mac tutorial.

First, tools:
Mac OS X 10.11 image file Download the extract password is Dqbi
unlocker208 file extraction password is B2AC
The VM can be downloaded by Baidu itself, this is VM12

Ii. Basic Steps

1. First download VMware Workstation, run as Administrator, install click Next. Registration code Baidu a bunch.

2.unlocker208 Installation

Unzip the unlocker208 file, locate the Win-install.cmd file, and right-click Run as Administrator. This step is critical and determines whether the subsequent VM will recognize OS X. I installed, the VM does not recognize the Mac OS X problem, found a lot of unlocker files can not be solved, and finally tried the next 208.

3. Load in Mac OS X 10.11

Select Typical, click Next

Select the Setup CD image file and click Select CDR image file path

If the second unlocker file is not handled properly, Apple Mac OS X may not appear in this place. If not, you can download a few more unlocker to try. The version is selected according to the actual version, mine is 10.11.

Name and installation location define it yourself.

Click Next.

Click Finish

Then tap to turn on the virtual machine.

This error occurs, you need to find the root file of your VM, find the root file under OS X xx.xx.vmx, right-click on Notepad to open, find smc.present = "TRUE", such as.

After smc.present = "TRUE", manually add a sentence of smc.version = 0. Such as

Then save the shutdown, and then restart the virtual machine, there will be no error.

I am in the process of installation, followed by a blue screen boot manager phenomenon, the online search is my original image file problem, so I re-found the current CDR image file can be installed successfully.

Partitioning in Disk Utility

Follow-up is a matter of basic configuration. I wish you a successful installation!

Windows under Virtual machine installation Mac OS X-----VM12 Install Mac OS X 10.11

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