WINDOWS10 installation of MySQL 5.6 (ZIP format installation package)

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The 5.6 installation package is a ZIP file that contains data (a tablespace file and a log file), a bin folder, and so on. Unlike in the past, just double-click on the installation. msi. Therefore, this record installs the installation package as a. zip step.



When the download is complete, unzip it to the path you want to install.

Here is: E:\mysql-5.6.31-winx64

2 Modifying a configuration file

Copy the My-default.ini under MySQL and create the My.ini in the same directory.

To modify a configuration file:

[Client]port=3306Socket=D:\\my3306.sock[mysqld] #skip-Grantport=3306Socket=D:\\my3306.sockcharacter_set_server=Utf8pid-file=D:\\mysql56\\my3306.piddatadir=D:\\mysql56\\databasedir=D:\\mysql56skip-name-resolve =onkey_buffer_size=1024mmax_allowed_packet=1024mtable_open_cache=1024x768sort_buffer_size=64mread_buffer_size=64mread_rnd_buffer_size=64mjoin_buffer_size=64mmyisam_sort_buffer_size=128mthread_cache_size= -query_cache_size=128mthread_concurrency= -Interactive_timeout=1800Wait_timeout=1800max_connections= +max_user_connections= +Long_query_time=3Slow_query_logslow_query_log_file=d:\\mysql56\\my3306-slow-query.log#log_queries_not_using_indexes=1innodb_file_per_table= On
3 Setting the environment variable path

Right-click ' Computer '-' properties '-' Advanced system settings '-' environment variables '

Select path and click ' Edit ' to modify:

Add at the end; E:\mysql-5.6.31-winx64

4 Registering the MySQL service

Register MySQL for Windows service. You can also use Windows service to install Mysqld and uninstall MYSQLD services.

To install the MySQL service, be sure to enter MySQL Basedir\bin:

Enter the E:\mysql-5.6.31-winx64\bin directory to perform the installation

mysqld install  #其对应的卸载mysqld服务为mysqld remove    This sentence must be in Administrator mode to be successful.

Enter Services.msc, go to Service Manager, right-click the MySQL property and you can see its corresponding path to the executable file:

Click ' Start ' to start MySQL and the result fails to start.

Start the command net start MySQL

Install MySQL 5.6 (ZIP Format installation package) under WINDOWS10

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