[WPF] WPF development methodology and wpf development methodology

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[WPF] WPF development methodology and wpf development methodology

Throughout the development of Windows GUI applications, from Windows API, MFC to Visual Basic. NET Framework, WPF development methodology is in. NET Framework methodology is a new product based on the previous layer. It is fully compatible with the existing Windows Form development methodology, and has been upgraded and innovated in many directions. The following are the key points of the WPF development methodology:

Brand new UI Design Concept: XAML language and supporting tools (Blend & Design)

Brand new UI Layout Concept: Tree Structure and various layout elements

New Basic Library and control set: All controls are re-designed and placed in System under the framework of the WPF methodology. windows. in the Controls namespace (that is why it is always in the System. windows. forms finds the control with the same name)

Upgraded program driver mode: Based on the event-driven model, the event is encapsulated in Data Binding. The original "UI event-driven program running" is changed to "Data-driven program running" and displayed on the UI, turning data from passive and subordinate to the core of the Program (this is also in line with the basic way of thinking in the form of content decisions)

Upgraded Property System: Added the Dependency Property System and its derived Attached Property based on the. NET Framework Property)

Upgraded Event System: Adds a Routed Event System and a Command system based on the. NET Framework Event.

Upgraded Resource System: The WPF program can use resources to store richer content and perform very convenient retrieval.

New template concepts: In WPF, the concept of content determining forms is everywhere. If the Control function is regarded as the content, you can use the Control Template to Control its presentation. If the Data is regarded as the content, you can use the Data Template) display Data

Brand new document and Printing System: Based on the XPS document format, WPF provides a complete set of classes and controls related to document display and printing.

New 3D drawing system: WPF not only supports 2D plotting, but also supports 3D plotting, angle of view, and light and shadows with a complete class library.

New animation System: WPF has a rich set of Animation creation class libraries, previously, the animation effect that requires programmers to do their best is now implemented by designers using XAML (sometimes the program needs to be implemented using background code), so it is easy to design colorful applications.

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