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Build settings with some parameters 1. installation Directory: When the Installation path static library is compiled, set "$ (BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR)" in Installation Directory in Build Settings) "Skip Install is set to YESInstallation Directory. The default value is/usr/local/lib ,. the a file will be placed in a long path (for example,/Users/xxx/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/xxxProgramdalrvzehhtesxdfqhxixzafvddwe/Build/Products/Debug-iPhoneos, or, if the path Skip Install specified by target is NO, it may be installed to the default path/usr/local/lib2.Public Headers. Folder Path: the Path of the exposed header file is set to "include" (the specific header file Path is: $ (BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR)/include/xx. h) in the final file. a directory of the same level generates an include directory default:/usr/local/includePublic Headers Folder Path, which is the external header file that a project of this lib needs to depend on. after importing this path, # include/import "xx. h "to see 3. user Header Search Paths: the dependent external Header file Search path is set to "$ (BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR)/include" and 2 corresponds to the Path 4. per-configuration Build Products Path: the final file Path is set to ".. /app, it will be in the project file. in the app directory under the top-level directory of xcodeproj, the default value of the created final file is $ (BUILD_DI R)/$ (CONFIGURATION) $ (inclutive_platform_name) equals $ (BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR) 5. per-configuration Intermediate Build Files Path: Default temporary Intermediate file Path: $ (PROJECT_TEMP_DIR)/$ (CONFIGURATION) $ (required tive_platform_name) 6. code Signing Identity: select a certificate Library Search Paths that corresponds to the Bundle identifier for the real machine debugging certificate: Library Search path ubuntures: Architecture, set to armv6 or armv7Valid ubuntures: Application Framework, it can be set to armv6, armv7, or isung Product Name: project file Name. The default value is $ (TARGET_NAME) Info.. Plist File: info File path Build Variants: Default Value: normalOther Linker Flags: other link labels are set to "-ObjC". When the imported static library uses a category, to be set to-ObjCiOS Deployment Target: ios Deployment object for example, you can choose to set to, a version of ios3 to ios5 Prefix Header: Pre-compiled Header file (such as: UtilLib/UtilLib-Prefix.pch) Precompile Prefix Header: if it is set to "Yes", it indicates that the pre-compiled header OpenGL ES iPhone can be added. For iPhone 3G or earlier (including iPhone 3G), only OpenGL ES1.1 and iPhone 3GS or later (including iPhone 3GS) are supported) the version supports OpenGL ES1.1 and OpenGL ES2.0. IPad: All iPad versions support OpenGL ES1.1 and OpenGL ES2.0. IPod Touch: iPod touch2 (including iPod touch2) version devices only support OpenGL ES1.1, iPod touch3 (including iPod touch3) version devices support OpenGL ES1.1, openGL ES2.0 is also supported, but 8 GB iPod Touch3 generation does not support OpenGL ES2.0. Armv6 and armv7, armv7s armv6: iPhone 2G/3G, iPod 1G/2Garmv7: iPhone 3GS/4/4S, iPod 3G/4G, iPad 1G/2G/3Garmv7s: iPhone5

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