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Xiao Xue, Wang wenshengyi, indicates the start time and degree of snowfall. Snow is the product of cold weather. People used to: the winter snow rose in October, And the fight pointed to itself. The sky was overcast, the cold was not deep, and the snow was not big, so it was named light snow. At this time, the north of the Yellow River has arrived in the north wind, snow floated in the winter, at this time in North China will appear in the first snow, although the amount of snow is limited, but still remind us to warm season. Before and after the light snow festival, the weather is often cold and dark, at this time people's mood will be affected, especially those who suffer from depression is more likely to aggravate the disease, therefore, in this solar term, I want to talk to my friends who suffer from depression about how to learn to raise themselves in the days when there is less light.

From the perspective of TCM etiology, "There are no more than three disasters." That is to say, there are no more than three causes of the disease: internal factors (the seven emotions are excited) and external factors (the six moletions are affected), no internal and external factors (compartment, gold knife, fl damage, poisoning ). The occurrence of depression is mostly caused by the internal factors, that is, the excessive seven emotions. The seven emotions include happiness, anger, sorrow, thinking, sorrow, fear, and surprise. In daily life, people often encounter seven changes. This change is a different reflection of objective external things. It is a normal mental activity and a normal physiological phenomenon of the human body, generally, it does not cause disease. Only sudden, strong, or long-term emotional stimulation can affect the normal physiology of the human body, disorder of the organs and blood, and lead to the occurrence of the disease, as follows: "anger hurt the liver, Xi sad, thinking hurt the spleen, sad lung, fear hurt the kidney ". It indicates that a person's mental state reflects and reflects his mental and psychological activities. The health of mental and psychological activities directly affects the occurrence and development of mental illness, it can also be said that it is the key to mental illness. Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that the relationship between mental activity and depression is very close. It is unreasonable to attribute the cause of depression to seven emotions, so it is especially important to adjust the spirit of health care for friends with depression.

Simple question-ancient naive theory: "virtual and evil thieves, sometimes avoiding; bleak, authentic from it, spirit guard, always ill ?" Another cloud: "Quiet, the meat is closed, although there is a strong wind, the virus, the failure to harm ". The ancients explained from both internal and external aspects that they should adapt to changes in the natural world and avoid the invasion of evil spirits. Internally, they should observe the nothingness and be quiet. That is to say, the mind is clean and emotional, so that the spirit of the Gods inside and not separated, to maintain the physiological state of human form and God, is also the best description of the "quiet life, hot man.

In addition, modern medical research has found that seasonal changes have a direct impact on patients with depression, because the brain's 5-grain system is closely related to seasonal changes in neurotransmitters related to depression. In spring and summer, the 5-HT system has the strongest function and is the weakest in autumn and winter. When the sunshine time decreases, it causes the lack of 5-HT in the brain of patients with depression, then there will be a series of symptoms, such as insomnia, irritability, pessimism, and fatigue.

Looking at the views of Chinese and Western medicine, in order to avoid the adverse factors that winter brings to my depressed friends, I suggest you turn passive into active ones. You may wish to use the pleasure of the pipe to adjust the way of life of mortals, with joy, sorrow is the loss of discipline, anger is the loss of terminal, sorrow and sorrow, anger is nowhere ". Adjust your own mentality, Stay optimistic, get angry, and often participate in some outdoor activities to enhance your physical fitness, and bask in the sun to maintain the stability of 5-hydroxyamine in your brain, listening to music makes that beautiful melody more fun for you. Wu Shang, a medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty, said: "The Seven-condition disease is better than those who take medicine ." In addition, diet and maintenance cannot be ignored. Sun Siyi, a medical expert, said in qianguang food governance: "food can eliminate evil spirits and protect the organs, joy, and happiness, ".

Among the many foods, the most appropriate diet for this season is:

Fruit: the first choice of bananas (bananas contain substances that can help the human brain to produce 5-amino acids );

Drinks: Water Chestnut soy milk drink (five twisted juice of Water Chestnut, mixed into 250 grams of soy milk cooked, add sugar amount );

Dishes: stir-fried mushrooms with celery (400 grams of celery, 50 grams of Water-sent mushrooms, the two are fried with condiments );

Rose roast goat's heart

[Ingredients] 1 goat's heart, 6 grams of saffron, 50 grams of fresh rose or 15 grams of sugar-free rose sauce, salt amount.

[Practice] the goat's heart slices are used for backup. Fresh rose mashed juice, put into a sandpot, add water amount, Saffron with cooking, boil, change the text to continue to cook 15 minutes of concentrated juice for backup. The goat's hearts are stringed and covered with Rose and Safflower juice. It can be eaten after being turned over and over in the fire.

[Efficacy] This product has the efficacy of solving the problem of painstaking efforts, stunned, and depressed.

Note: This dish is recommended for pregnant women.

Zhima Rabbit:

The rabbit is washed and boiled for 5 minutes, and the black sesame seeds are fried for use. Boil the water in the pot, put ginger, scallions, pepper, and salt into the pot, and then put the rabbit in the same boil for 6 maturity to get out, juice is not needed, the pot is re-poured into the boiling water, the following into the rabbit halogen cooked to find a cut into the plate, plus MSG, sesame oil, sprinkle with black sesame can be consumed.

The above are not only suitable for friends with depression, but also suitable for patients with weak body, Yin deficiency and constipation, lung fever and cough.

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