You cannot directly install vmtools after minimal installation of CentOS6.8 and 7.

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You cannot directly install vmtools after minimal installation of CentOS6.8 and 7.

Recently because of the need to use CentOS-6.8 and CentOS-7 system learning, so minimize the installation of the system often after the installation of vmtools, however, the error is reported, the error is as follows

./vmware-install.plbash:./ :/usr/bin/perl:bad interpreter:No such file or directory.

What the hell is this? The most cainiao, I saw it at first glance. It never happened before. Why did this happen?
So I went online to find the problem.

Search and solve problems:
After a short search, we found a useful solution. Precautions for minimal installation of CentOS6 VMware-tools
The discovery of this content makes me vaguely feel the problem.
The problem mentioned in this article is due to the lack of perl support. The above error indicates that perl support cannot be found in/usr/bin/perl. So I started to install perl.

yum groupinstall "Perl Support"

You also need to configure the local source before entering the preceding command.

Delete the files under/etc/yum. repos. d First (currently I don't know why I want to delete the files, but I just know this can solve the problem)
Create the/etc/yum. repos. d/CentOS-Media file and configure the file.

[Name] Start with a name that is easy to recognize. name = same as baseurl = point the local source to the hanging path, this requires you to create and mount the local source to the gpgcheck = 0 gpg check. 0 indicates no self-check, and 1 indicates self-check. I choose not to self-check enabled = 1 Table 1 enabled, 0 table disabled. Because we want to use the local source, set it to 1.

You can install Perl Support after all the preceding operations are completed properly.

After perl is installed, vmtools can be installed normally.
Solve the problem.

Follow-up questions:

Because RedHat of version 6. x has not encountered any problems, I don't understand why vmtools cannot be installed this time.
However, I know that the biggest role of vmtools is to optimize the desktop environment and drive, while the minimal installation of Linux does not have a desktop. Therefore, this may be part of the reason, but this should be the most obvious reason.
I don't know much about development, but I still know that in Linux, vmtools actually calls the support of the perl language. I think it is very likely that the development of vmtools uses perl.
I have never encountered this problem before installing a Linux with a desktop. I think the Linux desktop should also use the perl environment, so there is no problem with installing vmtools in a Linux with a desktop.
I don't know whether my speculation is correct or not, but at least I have come up with a hypothesis waiting for my own verification.

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