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Some experiences in installing kalilinux2017.1 vmtools in VMware, and installing vmtools in kali2017

Some experiences in installing kalilinux2017.1 vmtools in VMware, and installing vmtools in kali2017 Recently, due to the ransomware virus, I learned a lot about security training from a security expert. In today's society where networks are so developed, our information and our privacy can be easily leaked. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to security. Kali linux was mentioned in the report, w

VMTools and virtual hardware upgrade

VMTools and virtual hardware upgradeWith the continuous advancement of virtualization technology, virtualization products of various manufacturers are also constantly innovating. VMware, as an important manufacturer of server virtualization, has a high market share of its VSphere platform. Therefore, every time a new version is released, there will be countless virtualization technology enthusiasts upgrading and trying it out first. I am also one of t

You cannot directly install vmtools after minimal installation of CentOS6.8 and 7.

You cannot directly install vmtools after minimal installation of CentOS6.8 and 7. Background:Recently because of the need to use CentOS-6.8 and CentOS-7 system learning, so minimize the installation of the system often after the installation of vmtools, however, the error is reported, the error is as follows ./vmware-install.plbash:./vmware-install.pl :/usr/bin/perl:bad interpreter:No such file or director

Ubuntu (Linux System) virtual machine tool Vmtools detailed description

Install the virtual machine tool Vmtools The approximate steps are as follows:Personal Summary steps:    The first step:Click the VM toolbar option for virtual machine software and select Install VMware Tools (installing VMware Tools)Step Two:The desktop will appear with a ... file name. tar.gzStep Three:Copy .... file name. tar.gz to the home directoryFourth Step:Decompression TAR-ZXF vmwaretools-8.1.3-203739.tar.gzFifth Step:Into the decompression f

(Title Party) heard that Vmtools was in trouble?

about vsphere Vmtools There are two messages, a good news, a bad news, which do you want to hear first? The bad news is, after vmtools, maybe no one's using it.....The good news is that Open-vm-tools will replace vmtools and become the standard service and module for Linux.See this news, the V user is not a sigh of relief and the joy of the Big Ben?VMware will co

CentOS6.8 and 7 cannot be installed directly after installation Vmtools problem

The problem occurs in the background :Recently because the study needs to use CentoS-6.8 and CentOS-7 system, so the minimum installation system after the installation of Vmtools, but unexpectedly error, error content as follows./vmware-install.plbash:./vmware-install.pl:/usr/bin/perl:bad interpreter:no such file or directory.This is what the ghost, the most rookie of my first look at the eyes of the Meng, never happened before, how this time there wa

"Works" Using Vmtools for host windows and virtual machine Linux file sharing

There are many ways to implement Windows host and Linux virtual machine file sharing, including the use of Samba file servers, and this article describes the Vmtools tools in VMware Virtual machine software for file sharing.First, the environment1, Host: Windows72. Virtual machine: CentOS6.7 (built by VMware)Second, the realization process:1. Set up a shared directoryClick VMware's Menu "Virtual machine", "Settings"Select: "Options"-"Shared Folder"Cli

Install VMtools in VMware Workstation 9.0

VMware Workstation is version 9.0, so the installation of vmtools is also version 9.0. 1. Mount VMtools and decompress the compressed file of VMtools as follows: 2. Switch to the compressed directory 3. Start the installation below. You only need to press enter to select the screen resolution, and press enter to select the other options. ★This is th

If VMtools is successfully installed in Ubuntu10.10 under the VM, the shared folder still cannot be displayed.

Install Ubuntu10.10 on the VM by default. Select Chinese and click Continue. Update the file after installation. When installing VMtools, copy the VMtools to the tmp directory and decompress it. Enter the tmp directory as the root user on the terminal and execute./* pl. Press enter. Cheaderfiles cannot be found, and ccomplie is not found. First, execute the following command: Install Ubuntu 10.10 On the sud

Install vmtools on xenserver Virtual Machine

Labels: Install vmtools on xenserver Virtual Machine Recently, Citrix was deployed in the test environment. Due to resource shortage, a virtual machine was deployed on the HP blade server installed with esxi5.1 and xenserver was installed, however, after the installation, we found that the xenserver virtual machine did not install the vmtools tool. After studying it, we found that we can install

Install vmtools in SuSE 10 on VMWare Workstation 6

1. Start the SuSE 10 system. 2. Right-click the name of the sles10 virtual machine in the sidebar column and click "Install vmtools .." At this time, the virtual opportunity will automatically mount vmtools to the virtual cdrom. A media named "VMware Tools" will appear on the SuSE desktop and the directory will be automatically popped up, for example: There are two files in the directory: one is an rpmfile

Installing Vmtools on Linux systems

Here are the commands you will use, the questions you encounter, and the explanations:Install the CentOS system in the virtual machine, because of the subsequent installation services or something else, so you need to install the Vmtools to easily drag files from the host computer into the virtual machine. (Mine is the vmtools of the Tar Compress package)First, Make sure that you are logged in as root or ha

Installing Vmtools on Linux

Between the virtual machine and the host, the operation has been pressed Ctrl+alt, looks more troublesome.So just install a tool to make our operation more simple, I have vmtools installation steps to solve.Locate this tab in the navigation bar and select Install Vmtools.Locate the folder on the desktop and execute the command in the diagram to complete the decompression.At this time, LS view the file under the directory, found a more than one file.En

Install vmtools in Ubuntu

Installation Steps 1. Install and enter the Ubuntu Operating System For details about how to install it, please use Baidu. When you enter the operating system, you will find that the entire graphic interface works on the 800*600 interface, the mouse operation is not flexible, and you must use CTRL + ALT to switch between the virtual machine and windows. 2. Install vmtools: There are many installation methods on the Internet, but below I chose a simple

Install and uninstall centos7.5 vmtools

1, install 1, built-in tools: Choose VMware toolbar => Virtual Machine => install vmtools2, mount the optical drive 3, tar-zxvf VMwareTools-10.3.2-9925305.tar.gz (here the tar file as an example) 4, switch to the target directory, run ① install GCC Yum install gcc-y ② update kernel-headers Yum install kernel-devel-$ (uname-R) ③ to start the installation. /vmware-install.pl installation process all the way to OK, remember to finally set the resolution 2, uninstall the first way: Choose VMware too

Rotten mud: Install vmtools on Ubuntu

This article was sponsored by Xiuyi linfeng and first launched in the dark world. Recently, due to work needs, we need to use the desktop version of Linux, so we chose ubuntu. At the same time, Ubuntu is installed in the VM for ease of use. However, we plan to install the VM tool vmtools for the convenience of files and operations. To install vmtools, you must first download the

Install vmtools in Virtual Machine Linux

As we all know, in a virtual machine, Linux and the host machine cannot directly interact with the file system (such as simple file copy and paste functions). The simplest way is to use vmtools In the VM: Step 1: Go to Ubuntu and click "Install vmtools" in the "networking" status, for example: Because I have already installed it, reinstall is displayed... Step 2: After the download is complete, the "Op

Kali installation Vmtools

Click "Virtual Machine", "Install VMware Tools" and Vmtools mount to the directory/media/cdrom Cd/media/cdrom,ls visible Mwaretools Compressed files mounted in this directory 3. Cannot extract files directly in/media/cdrom directory, need to copy compressed files to another directory, here I choose to copy to/tmp4. Enter/tmp, unzip Vmtools compressed file, unzip the file as Vmware-tools-distrib5. Go to

Kali-linux Pack Vmtools

Put a vmtools looking for a long time, compile head or something.1, add Source: vim/etc/sources.listDeb Http://http.kali.org/kali Kali main non-free contribdeb-src Http://http.kali.org/kali Kali main Non-free2,Apt-get Update3, install Linux-header:Apt-get Install gcc make linux-headers-$ (uname-r)4, link the file to/usr/src/linux-headers-$ (uname-r)/include/linux/, because the Vmtools installed by default h

Kali linux-01 update system and installation Vmtools

inside of the folder extracted to the desktop4. Open Vmware-tools-distrib folder, right-click in the current directory--Open in terminal5. Start the installation of Vmtools[emailprotected]:~/Desktop/vmware-tools-distrib#lsbincafdocetc FILESINSTALLinstallerlibvgauth vmware-install.pl[emailprotected]:~/Desktop/vmware-tools-distrib#chmod+xvmware-install.pl[ emailprotected]:~/Desktop/vmware-tools-distrib#ls-l Total usage 392drwxr-xr-x2root root40963 Mont

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