Installing Vmtools on Linux systems

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Here are the commands you will use, the questions you encounter, and the explanations:

Install the CentOS system in the virtual machine, because of the subsequent installation services or something else, so you need to install the Vmtools to easily drag files from the host computer into the virtual machine. (Mine is the vmtools of the Tar Compress package)

First, Make sure that you are logged in as root or have root privileges . Because hanging in the CDROM requires the root user to operate, and there are some actions that require permissions.

New folder, CDROM under MNT:

mkdir  /mnt/cdrom

Use the Mount command to mount the CDROM in the/mnt/cdrom directory so that you can access the contents: (mount:only root can Do)

Mount  /dev/cdrom  /mnt/cdrom

Next, the following code pops up, indicating that the mount was successful.

Mount:block device   is write-protected, mounting read-only

Copy the Tar compress package to the host directory:

CP  vmwaretools-9.2.  0-799703. tar.gz/tmp

Go to the TMP directory to see if there is a tar compress package:

CD  /tmpls  /tmp

To execute the installation command:


The back all the way yes, the carriage return can, after finished reboot restarts on OK.

Installing Vmtools on Linux systems

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