Zabbix (III): Monitors multiple Redis instances on Microsoft cloud Azure using the official Zabbix template, zabbixredis

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Zabbix (III): Monitors multiple Redis instances on Microsoft cloud Azure using the official Zabbix template, zabbixredis
1. Running environment:

OS: CentOS 7.3/Python: 2.7.3/Pip: 9.0.1/Zabbix: 3.2.8/Redis: Microsoft cloud Redis 3.2.7

Monitoring templates officially provided by Zabbix.

Project address:

Python and Nodejs monitoring scripts are officially provided. This article uses Python scripts.

All official Zabbix templates:


2. Deployment

The official monitoring script supports two deployment methods: zabbix agent deployment and trap-messages deployment.

Zabbix agent method: zabbix requests redis parameters from the agent at intervals. The agent obtains the parameters from redis and delivers them to zabbix.

Trap-messages: the script automatically obtains redis parameters and integrates a message to send it to zabbix.

If you need to frequently obtain a large amount of redis data, the official recommendation is to use the trap-messages method, and the trap-messages method only supports python scripts.

Here we use the trap-messages Method for deployment.


1> install Python Dependencies

# yum -y install python-pip# pip install argparse# pip install redis

2> place to a path on the zabbix server, such as/etc/zabbix/script/redis /.

3> modify the zabbix parameter in the script:

zabbix_host = ''    # Zabbix Server IPzabbix_port = 10051            # Zabbix Server Port

4> because I have only enabled SSL connections for redis on Microsoft cloud, the script adds the redis SSL connection parameters:

client = redis.StrictRedis(host=redis_hostname, port=args.redis_port, password=args.redis_pass, ssl=True)

5> test whether the script can connect to redis on Microsoft cloud and obtain the parameters:

/etc/zabbix/script/redis/  -a redispassword -p 6380 list_key_space_db

6> Add crontab and periodically execute the script to send data to zabbix. Note that if the password contains %, escape it with \ (\ % ).

To monitor multiple redis instances, add multiple crontabs:

*/1 * * * * /etc/zabbix/script/redis/  -a redispassword -p 6380

7> Import zbx_redis_trapper_template.xml to the zabbix template.

8> Use redis hostname to create a zabbix host and link the template to implement monitoring.


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