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The first part of this tutorial, "Improving search engine rankings," 10 Methods (i) has detailed the search engine rankings to improve the ranking of 5 methods, including the initiative to submit the site URL to the search engine entrance, consider paid promotion, spider customization content, page title is very important, remember your meta tags.

All the methods described are of great value to you, and if you can combine these with your own experience, it will produce good results. Your site only focuses on and solves one or two points that may not have a noticeable effect on your site, but efforts to address four or more of five feet can help you improve your site's search engine rankings.

Next I will explain the remaining 5 ways to improve the search engine rankings.

6, training Links

The high quality and number of chain links to your site will affect the search engine rankings. Get links in the process, not just simply do a lot of outside the chain. Outside the chain site is best high quality (high weight) of the site, such a reference page will be search engines think is "very important."

Doing other high-quality Web links to your site also means that people will not have to go through search engines to find your site directly. This is very advantageous because the main purpose is to get people to see your page-high ranking in search engines is just one way to achieve this goal.

A new website to get links to other sites you are very difficult, but if you can give other sites an effective and compelling reason to link to your site, they may do so. In addition to friends chain, the best is original and soft Wen, others reproduced words, outside the chain produced.

Look at your chain-building situation as long as you type "domain:www.900ys.com" in the search engine. "In the results page, the search engine will list all the sites linked to your URL." Many of these pages may be their own internal links (from your own site), but there are also URLs for other sites. You need to regularly check who links to you, the weight of these sites, and the status of the collection. If there are high-quality sites listed, you can contact them, try to exchange connections, thereby creating a two-way link, the next time the spider crawls your page will improve your ranking.

If links from other sites are so valuable, can you improve your rankings by adding internal links to your own pages? As John Grick's director, Internet search in AltaVista/Overture, said, "links are a vote of confidence." "AltaVista is not an internal link, because" it doesn't make sense for people to vote for themselves. However, Gehrig says, internal links do valuable other purposes, indirectly promoting rankings. For example, links on your own page navigation, support for better people to find your site will have more page access. Internal links also allow spiders to find a page of your subsequent discovery, catalog and index all of your other pages.

If getting high quality external links is difficult, you can add internal links to your page to improve your rankings. Type links in your own web pages to facilitate navigation so that visitors may visit more pages of the site and reduce the jump rate. Internal links can also allow spiders to index another page or more pages.

7, reduce the link output

Increase the click-through links to many other websites, such as adult or gambling content sites, hoping that this practice will increase their "pivot" value. In the late 1990s, using this method might be useful, but after 2001, the value of the link was significantly reduced.

8, the establishment of mutual friend chain

Search engines think two-way links are more valuable than reciprocal one-way links. Webmasters need to spend some time focusing on how to exchange links and the quality of links.

For example, you may need a few days or weeks to establish a reciprocal link with other sites via QQ or email. Find links to find more than their own weight of 1-2 levels of Web sites, view the snapshot of the site and included.

If you want to get high-quality links, you can pay to buy, in a short time will be the ranking of your site to play an effect, but buy a friend chain must pay attention to the credibility of the other site.

9, Page Publishing time

If you want a particular Web page to rank high in the search, the page needs to be posted at an earlier time to the Internet by the main search engine index. Because the amount and complexity of web content is increasing faster than search engine spiders, it helps your pages to be indexed in directories and content for several months. Invariably "discover" the search engine for all the top 10 pages, the online release of a year or even longer pages are always ranked higher than in the last few weeks published pages.

10, often updated

For search results, site content is often updated higher than the site is not frequently updated. However, the search results are entirely driven by robotic algorithms, and usually the "last updated date" of page information is ranked high. On the other hand, updating the page to create a link or add extra keywords will increase the cumulative value of the site rankings.

Review Progress

After you read the 1th and 2nd parts of the 10 ways to improve search engine rankings, how many did you do?

There is a way to verify your success in attracting search engine spiders by viewing the access logs. Most major regional and national ISPs provide web hosting services, providing a variety of monitoring solutions that enable customers to view information.

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