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With the government vigorously promote the development of information, small and medium-sized enterprises are also aware of the importance of setting up corporate Web sites, network marketing, the advisory is expected to 2011 the number of SMEs in China will reach 46.6 million, of which the number of enterprises with corporate web site is only 3.63 million. From this, the sense of resources, money-saving awareness has become more concerned about the enterprise customers, to build a website how to achieve the maximum of capital and resource utilization?

First step: Domain name registration. Cost: 50 Yuan.

It is best to choose to register with reputable service providers, so that domain ownership is more guaranteed. About the domain name registration need to pay attention to the matter, may wish to search reference "domain name registration how to avoid loss" article.

The second step: leasing a virtual host, that is, web space. General Enterprise website required space capacity is probably 200m-300m, the cost is about 400-500 yuan.

As a service platform for the construction of E-commerce, virtual host can make the majority of enterprises more convenient and save money to run their own website. and a stable site space, will allow your site to maintain a good running state, better play the role of the site, naturally choose to have a reputation of space service providers. In this, recommended that you refer to the "grasp five easy choice of quality space," a text, I believe that the growth of network knowledge help.

The third step: the use of excellent self-help site procedures (such as: Building a box) to achieve fast, without downloading, directly in the background can be convenient to quickly build a Web site. Construction station and later maintenance costs: 0 yuan.

Fourth step: To achieve the best way to save money, build Station package: Free Domain name + space + Free self-service building system, as long as 199 yuan can all contain!

Build Station Box Exbox is Zhuo Tian Network virtual host value-added services to the Web site, contains thousands of exquisite Web site templates, hundreds of Web site features, web site Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese version, English version of the support, with product release system, news system, membership system, voting system, advertising system, recruitment system and other dynamic function modules , the page is arbitrarily added. The use of a powerful management platform, light mouse can immediately produce fine web site, not only the cycle is greatly shortened, but also free of charge can be used, not additional technology and cost input, can be synchronized to share our product technology upgrades and functional improvements, greatly reduce the cost of users own web site. Trial Address Http://www.e000.com/design/?s=Caiyl

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