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When it comes to writing articles, I still belong to the learning stage, dare not to talk like the Masters, but during the course of learning some skills are mastered, so take it out to share with you. Many people just started writing soft wen when the mentality is more impetuous, not thinking how to write a good soft wen, but blindly thinking about how to opportunistic, around the method of quick, for the webmaster can write high quality articles, nature is a good thing, but the excessive pursuit, can only make haste. Learn to write an article is like a high-rise building in the foundation, solid foundation of the natural can do "hand can pick the stars", and the way to write a good article is more than read and write, and there is no law, and how to do a good job in reading and writing, but also a great thing.

How to read

A mass of reading can improve the writing level, but the blind reading of the harvest is limited, writing level of progress is also slow, so in the selection of books and reading we should stress methods, first talk about the choice of books, what kind of books for their own? The answer to this question varies from person to person, if you're a beginner, You need to read the first book, my personal suggestion is a dictionary of idioms, perhaps I say you will find it very funny, but the fact is that the idiom dictionary for a beginning to write the webmaster is very helpful, first into the writing of the webmaster are most of the phenomenon of lack of words, Is that the article is written to suddenly find the right words to achieve their own ideas, as a long explanation instead of concise idioms, such writing level of the article, regardless of whether the reading alone is very mixing, writing the most fastidious is the wording concise, and for the first to write the webmaster, The idiom dictionary is a good tool for the promotion of writing.

Finished the election book, and then we talk about how to read books, when it comes to reading, many people will be puzzled, said reading who will not, do you think we do not know Chinese characters? In fact, reading is not only to see, but also to see thoroughly understand, remember before the Chinese class, the teacher is always over and over to tell us the central idea of this article, Moral and so on, and we should read in this way to read, repeated reading, repeated scrutiny, summing up the subtlety of other people's writing, first after reading a summary of the main idea of the article or the author's motives, and then take these and then re-read the article again, Carefully observe how each paragraph of writing echoes the center unfolding narrative, there is a study of the structure of the article, the Master of the article not only the content of the essence, but also in the composition of the article is very clever, some in the expansion of the content before the election to throw a question to everyone, and then draw the following, some in the expansion before the content of summary, Then expand the detailed description ... In short, the structure of the composition of the form of expression is diverse, for beginners to write a lot of new people are worth learning places.

How to Write

Speaking of how to write articles, it must be said that the first time I write webmaster Soft article experience, build station in the early days for better and faster weight, I began to learn how to do SEO, at that time for the understanding of SEO or relatively shallow one-sided, but the first time to write webmaster soft text When I chose to write SEO, By virtue of this half bucket of water should be able to master SEO industry articles, the result is the defeat of the defeated lesson, 8630.html "> Sometimes improve the level of writing, material is also very important, a familiar subject of your understanding, a preliminary understanding of the subject matter, regardless of the writing skills, Only the professional and readability of the article is self-evident, so sometimes webmasters feel that their writing level can not improve, limited, may wish to look back to see whether the subject of their choice is really suitable for their own writing, their understanding in this area is really enough to their own long speech.

As for the writers of the beginning of writing to improve the level of writing, a lot of people's suggestion is imitation, I personally think this is a good way, the first for the accumulation of words to help, the second to help writers have a deeper understanding of the original text. and imitation writing is only the first step of Ascension, the next writers to know how to take hundreds of rivers into use, to make the writing level steadily improve. Writers can draw up the frame and outline of the article before writing. As we write with 400, write out and the word is not necessarily good-looking, but looks neat and comfortable, write articles can also be so, although this write out of the article is not necessarily brilliant, but certainly will not deviate from the theme and structure clearly, such a way of writing will add a lot of your article.

The above is my simple view and share to improve the writing level, for the method of improving the writing level, I am due to three heart, is patient, careful, perseverance, patient reading, careful observation, consistent reading and writing will certainly make the writers in the article writing to improve.

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