Alibaba cloud computing enters the cement industry MaxCompute helps companies "ET brain"

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On July 10, Shandong Energy Yankuang Group and Alibaba Cloud Computing Company signed an agreement to jointly promote the new and old kinetic energy conversion cooperation projects. Among them, Yankuang Donghua Cement ET Brain Project is a new and old kinetic energy conversion benchmark project built by Yanhuan Donghua Cement and Alibaba Cloud. This is also the first landing project after the signing of the contract between Yankuang Group and Alibaba Cloud.

Under the opportunity of “four new” to promote “four modernizations” in Shandong Province and accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, how to create an industry benchmark of “Made in China 2025”? This time, Yankuang Group and Alibaba Cloud want to be together and walk together. Both parties will fully tap and apply their respective advantages, integrate high-quality resources, form a convergence effect, and promote a high degree of integration between production and Internet technologies.

In 2017, Yankuang Group achieved an operating income of 60.1 billion yuan, a profit and tax of 7.1 billion yuan and a total asset of about 50 billion yuan. It is one of the best quality enterprises in the country. Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. ("Alibaba Cloud") was founded in 2009 and is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. Alibaba Cloud is committed to building a public and open cloud computing service platform and is the world's leading cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology company.

As the largest and the world's top three cloud service providers, Alibaba Cloud is committed to online public service, providing secure and reliable computing and data processing capabilities, making computing and artificial intelligence a Pratt & Whitney technology. In terms of manufacturing, Alibaba Cloud is aimed at industrial customers, integrating cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to help industrial enterprises transform and upgrade.

70% of the industry in Shandong Province is heavy industry, and its energy consumption is more than one tenth of the country. The cement industry is a typical representative industry of heavy industry. Using the idea of big data to build the Donghua Cement ET Brain Project is of great significance for achieving quality and reducing energy consumption. Prior to this, the cooperation between the two sides has begun on-site demonstration and data research for nearly half a year, and it is expected that the first phase of the target will be fully verified before the end of the year.

Donghua Cement ET Brain Project will first use Alibaba Cloud's MaxCompute big data technology to open data islands, integrate existing distributed control system data, quality inspection data, and library sales system data to clean, process and convert data. Manage and improve data quality to achieve historical data and real-time data on the cloud.

Since then, Ali's big data scientists will build a core algorithm model around the Donghua Cement clinker production line, and make current energy consumption standards through big data technology and artificial intelligence without changing existing processes and adding equipment. Coal consumption fell from 106 to 103, a drop of more than 2%. At the same time, it reduces the standard deviation of compressive strength to 5%, which makes stable clinker save a lot of cost to the downstream cement grinding station.

After the completion of the first phase of the cooperation project, the cement big data platform service company will be established to provide big data analysis services to the national cement enterprises to achieve the industry benchmark. The significance lies in the successful transformation of Yanhuan Donghua Cement from traditional building materials enterprises to big data service enterprises.

This project is also very representative of Shandong Province's "four new" to promote the "four modernization" work ideas, through the development of new technologies, new industries, new formats, new models, to achieve industrial intelligence, smart industrialization, cross-border integration The brand is high-end.

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