AMD enhanced micro-server does not threaten friendly interests

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AMD's special emphasis on its acquisition of Seamicro at a meeting does not threaten server partners. Although the company plans to launch a micro-server product based on Hao long, but does not design a new breed of micro-servers, but will seamicro "> Technology into its server platform.

It is also learned that AMD will take over Seamicro Sm10000-xe, SM10000-64HD and sm10000-64 servers, and even the introduction of similar products based on Hao long. However, AMD said that this is not the original intention of the company, and friends to form a positive confrontation.

However, in the author's opinion, AMD this statement is tantamount to "Bans", not to eliminate the vast number of AMD based on the platform of the manufacturer's concerns, but also conducive to the improvement of tension.

AMD can obtain Seamicro's chip interconnect structure network technology from this acquisition, as well as the low power high dense server technology, has the huge influence to the server market.

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