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Asymptote is a "> powerful descriptive vector graphics language that provides a framework for engineering graphics based on natural coordinates. Its labels and equations are high quality PostScript outputs using latex typesetting.

The main advantage of asymptote difference with other graphics software is a programming language, not just a graphics program.

The main features of Asymptote include:

Provides portable standard digital typesetting, Tex/latex typesetting has become the standard of the equation;
Produces high-quality PostScript, PDF, SVG or 3D prc++ vector graphs;
Embed 3D vector PRC map in PDF file;
Inspired by MetaPost, use more concise, powerful C + + syntax and programming floating-point value;
Run on all major platforms, including UNIX, OS, windows, etc.
Mathematics (such as the complex rotation of vector multiplication);
Latex typesetting label for document consistency;
Using simplex method and deferred drawing to solve the problem that the size of object (label and arrow) and object size should be limited to size.
The MetaPost path algorithm is generalized to deal with the problem of three-dimensional path.
The portability of compiling commands to virtual machine code;
The Advanced Graphics command executes the language itself so that they can be easily targeted for specific applications.

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