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2013 is the cloud era of the world, "> virtual host will be eliminated, fully upgraded to cloud virtual host." At present, many people in the industry lost cloud computing, but the application of the search and electricity business in these areas, but the advent of large data era, the future is very broad. Many internet technicians and Chinese operators have turned into real-combat stages to better apply large data.

For large internet companies, large data opening not only allows them to make rational use of effective resources, to explore unused resources to improve the platform's nascent ability, but also to store all the data resources according to its reasonable marketing plan to create a higher brand and market value. For small and medium sized internet, cloud computing and large data age have been irresistible, on the contrary can also use this opportunity to make their enterprises to adapt to the development of the Times better.

Anti-Nick for the vast number of users to achieve the cloud virtual host free station function, as long as they can type to build their own website, now in the cloud computing and large data era of the upsurge of the boom, cloud mainframe also emerged. So what is its charm in the end, so that people in the industry so favored?

1, cloud host owner flexible and practical charm, migration server is very convenient:

2, based on virtualization technology, users can not only match their own application requirements environment, but also direct online self-service selection upgrades, flexibility is greater.

3, the cloud host has the complete Management authority, the operation is convenient, even if does not understand the technology also can manage:

4, built-in app attack protection capabilities, automatic backup backup and redundancy and so on.

The internet has gradually infiltrated people's lives, the social sectors have joined the army, set up an independent website sales platform.

Cloud Host service provider also took the opportunity to embellish, let cloud virtual host into the era of a dish of great food. The small part of the best Internet service providers in China, the new "gourmet" launched by the "food" to attract the author's eyes. You can focus on the idea of Nick, the launch of the cloud virtual host 70 percent to send web site construction platform, but also free "try to eat" 3 days! Of course, not only will it be so easy for all of you to "taste fresh," anti-SI has been adhering to the "product as the core to serve the purpose of technology for survival, innovation and development," the entrepreneurial spirit, adhere to customer-oriented, to provide users with excellent products and safe and reliable and efficient operation services.


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