Comparison and analysis of leased server and virtual Server (VPS, exclusive server)

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VPS (Virtual ">private Server virtual Private Servers") technology, A service that divides a server into multiple virtual exclusive servers. Each VPS can be assigned independent public network IP address, independent operating system, independent super space, independent memory, independent CPU resources, independent execution program and independent system configuration. In addition to the user can allocate more than one virtual host and unlimited Enterprise mailbox, more independent server function, you can install the program, separate restart the server. The best choice for high-end virtual host users. You are no longer affected by other user programs, resulting in a more equitable allocation of resources far below the virtual host failure rate.

VPS Virtual Server technology can be a variety of different ways to allocate server resources flexibly, each virtualized server resources can be very different, you can flexibly meet the needs of high-end users. By creating 10 or so VPS hosts on a single server, you can ensure that every user of a dream host has exclusive VPS resources, running and managing exactly the same as a stand-alone host. VPS host can be considered high-end users to provide safe, reliable, high-quality host services.

Now the internet is becoming more and more developed, many enterprises and individual operators, through the Internet business accounted for a greater proportion. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a suitable product when publishing a business-related website.

Publishing your Web site to the Internet usually has a number of options: a virtual host, a hosting server, a leased server, a rental server, a virtual server (VPS, exclusive servers).

Virtual Host: Usually the price is 100-2000 yuan/year. The usual concept is that the size and quality of space determine the price level. High security, and customer technical input requirements are relatively low, usually need not be equipped with professional technical personnel. Overall is the most economical solution for small businesses and personal sites. However, due to a large number of sites concentrated in a server, so the performance is not high, difficult to meet some large and medium-sized applications. Because it is unified management, can not meet the personalized needs of many websites.

Managed server: Usually the price is 3000-8000 yuan/year. Small city general Telecommunications room price in 3000 yuan/year, the big city high quality room usually price in 6000-8000 yuan/year. Room and service quality determine the price level. Users also need to purchase additional servers according to their respective applications, the cheapest PC+1U chassis power supply is about 3000 yuan, the special business Server usually needs more than 10000 yuan, server performance and quality determine the price. Total investment in 6000-20000 yuan/year.

Because the permissions are dispersed to individual users to manage, so the freedom is very high, alone, users can install their own required software programs, enable the services they need. But also because it is alone management, so users need to be equipped with professional technicians to maintain, which is also a small amount of input. Moreover, because the national high quality rooms are concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai and a few large cities, customers need high-quality room, many customers need to server freight to the corresponding computer room, because the hard disk has precision machinery parts, ordinary freight easily caused by hard disk damage, resulting in data loss, high risk.

Leased server: Usually the price is 6000-20000 yuan/year. is essentially equivalent to the cost of acquiring a server + managed server. Overall input is essentially the same as server hosting. Compared with hosting, the main advantage is no transport risk, and hardware and services are provided by the ISP, in the event of a hardware failure, can be quickly resolved.

Virtual Server (VPS, exclusive Server): Virtual server is divided into VPS and exclusive server. VPS usually price in 2000-4000 yuan/year, exclusive server is usually priced at 5000-7000 yuan/year, the latter performance is stronger, meet high requirements, high budget customers.

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