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& ">nbsp; Consumer-to-consumer E-commerce in the future development momentum is still rapid, but due to the consumer-to-consumer industry absolute monopoly formed by the industry barriers, and the profit model is not clear caused by the "burning Money" dilemma, directly determine the Consumer-to-consumer industry in the short term is difficult to obtain investors favor. When electronic commerce knocks at the door of ordinary people's house, the electronic Commerce Transaction mode is a big test, especially in China with 5,000 years old culture, the existence of various transaction modes of electronic commerce is necessary, and has its own value and function, but the Consumer-to-consumer trading mode can not become the mainstream at the moment, It can be said that using Consumer-to-consumer trading model to cultivate the consumer's awareness of E-commerce, the price is enormous, and the effect is not good.

It is a difficult process to find a Consumer-to-consumer profit model suitable for the Chinese market, because the domestic environment is much more complicated than the mature market abroad, the factors to be worried about are much more and the risk is much greater. Consumer-to-consumer e-commerce patterns are changing, and a notable trend is that simple consumer-to-consumer platforms are virtually non-existent in China. As a result of Consumer-to-consumer E-commerce platform on the emergence of a large number of private sellers of the merchant group, and become the Consumer-to-consumer E-commerce platform, the most important seller user group, so the Consumer-to-consumer platform is obviously to the consumer platform transition, that is, Consumer-to-consumer E-commerce platform in the collection of numerous large and small merchants, But the importance of simple individual sellers is getting lower.

How to innovate? How to break through? In the era of free shop Consumer-to-consumer should be how to profit? Look at the following system, I think perhaps can find the answer.

First, break through the traditional mode of advantage function

After a large number of market demand surveys and combined with its own technical advantages, in imitation Taobao has a comprehensive base function of the system version of the enhanced build. Its unique function breaks through the traditional consumer-to-consumer management idea and the profit pattern, more humanized provides the business side with the sustainable management strategy, for the user side more practical, convenient, the trustworthiness online shopping environment.

Open source code and functional reservation space can make two development more convenient and flexible.

1. Function of substation:

Background free to set up the city, shops according to the registration of the choice of subordinate stations. The goods issued by the shops are displayed in the respective substation. Easy for buyers to find the region as soon as possible goods, favorable sellers for local publicity, increase the usefulness of the site.

Management ideas: Can extend the site management to regional agent mode

2, the support of 1 cities, 2-tier Urban Division station query

Community search, city search and full web search

3, Support points Mall, the way to publish the function of the station. Website Virtual currency (convertible value, convertible into integral)

Points from: One is registered, the other is the purchase of the site merchandise according to the amount of purchase gift.

Integral consumption: Used for the purchase of points mall merchandise, points mall products are limited to the site operators to publish.

Business ideas: Conducive to the popularity of the site to maintain the rise of heat. Station can be a small gift into the points Mall for the exchange, so that buyers in the same time to buy goods have a value experience. Keep buyers and keep sellers.

4, the first page of all merchandise, shop position recommended function. Featured Products recommended function.

5, the actual map of the store function, the actual map annotation function, quickly found in the real location.

6, Store-managed function (when the store member set up after hosting, the site can help members to deal with orders)

7, the classification of goods used by the infinite classification, break through the traditional consumer-to-consumer of the two or three-level classification restrictions. Convenient for users to accurately find their own needs of goods.

Second, highly flexible, scalable modular page style template system

The page style template uses a highly flexible, scalable, modular mechanism. Page data invocation, display all modular, so that the page style making easier, flexible, with a very high scalability and autonomy. Through the tag module function, users make their own page style without programming, only need to understand a little HTML knowledge, you can through the Module wizard, aggregation station data, build a new page, to achieve the diversity of site style, autonomous.

Three, simple and efficient information batch management function

Simple and efficient information batch management functions, so that the site maintenance becomes easy, fast, step site maintenance personnel can all the site information, goods, shops, members, upload resources, space for the selection of bulk search, view, delete operations, to achieve a page-specific resources display controllable.

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