Debu Panda's strengths, challenges and recommendations for the PaaS development team

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Debu Panda, head of product management at BMC Software, a Houston-based provider of business-service management products, is able to cite numerous benefits when it comes to PaaS , arguing that PaaS makes applications Revolutionary changes have taken place in the development and deployment methods.

Debu Panda said: " PaaS benefits applications for most of the benefits of cloud computing such as no-start costs, complete application integration and flexible facility pricing." Debu Panda In order to allow developers to focus on application development Without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure or its management costs also freed up developers. But Panda's vision also touched numerous challenges - especially in the Java PaaS. At a recent JavaOne / Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, Debu Panda gave a presentation on the Java PaaS and highlighted a few points in a press interview prior to the report, saying that the Java PaaS platform is not yet available for beginners Uniform standards and lack of portability is therefore a big issue among PaaS vendors . "In addition, there are privacy and security issues surrounding applications and their associated data." He continued, saying that many It's not surprising that Java developers are still confused about which Java PaaS platform should be used. "The future of Java PaaS is still emerging," he said. Prior to the report, Panda declined to discuss any specific Java PaaS vendors or platforms, but the reality is that the area is so crowded with multiple vendors, including Amazon Web Services' flexible Beanstalk, CloudBees, Cloud Foundry, CumuLogic , Google's App Engine, Heroku Java, JBoss OpenShift, Jelastic, Microsoft's Windows Azure SDK, Oracle's WebLogic and more. In addition, Panda also pointed out that Java PaaS products are also different. For example, some products come with full Java EE support, while others offer only limited network application programming interface support. "Some vendors boast of their private PaaS, while others completely abandon private PaaS," he said. At the same time, many Java PaaS developers are still puzzled over whether or not to use Java PaaS in their applications. "It's natural to not use Java PaaS," Panda said. For example: "PaaS is not for you if you really care about data privacy and security issues in your application, and you want complete control over it." He provided development teams interested in using Java PaaS as follows Tip: Start with the right focus. "Focus on solving business needs," he said. ·Think twice. Do not rush into fashion because of fashion. It must take time to determine if Java PaaS really makes sense for your application. Take an application-centric approach. Review your needs at the application level, not at the platform level. Then, determine if Java PaaS can provide the best way to meet those needs. Look forward In other words, develop and build a truly portable platform. After all, Panda said, "The whole point of Java is to develop once and run everywhere."

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