Does the world really have free web space for lunch?

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& ">nbsp; Buying space now is like buying a house, buy a house is to give people a home, then buy space is to the site, we all know the same size when buying a house in the city and suburbs is definitely not a price, so we can not only care about the price and capacity when buying two factors ( Because usually some people do not understand this aspect of the user in the purchase of space only to consider these two aspects, this is not true, must be corrected. So when we buy a house, it's not just about the price, area, but also to take into account the location of the house, security, community environment, transportation facilities, peripheral facilities and other factors, a high-quality Web site space is also required to determine these factors, such as room environment, server hardware configuration, bandwidth adequacy, professional server/ Virtual Host management technology, resource constraints, server or computer room security measures, after-sales service ... And the growth of these factors is bound to increase the cost of space.

Free space, now away from us more and more distant, almost no one mentioned, because the "free" word gives too much distrust, poor quality of space, access speed, security, quality of service and so there is no guarantee. The webmaster has now been dismissive of the word "free" and avoided it.

See the free space to advertise your heart? Is there really a free lunch? Below I use own personal experience to give everybody to talk about the harm of free space!

My station, the key word Hebei blog. I was reporting a learning attitude. An ASP blog was made using the Z-blog program. The program is about 30M in size. At that time occasionally in the Chinese military software Park wandering, I saw a friendship link, some host by the Qun Ying sponsorship, I follow the link into the chain, the results in the menu bar to see a free host application column. At that time the limit is the flow of more than 1000 or pr=2 can be free to apply 1G space +100m database, when my blog because there are very good links, so my traffic is not large, but the PR is very high. It was 4. I did not expect the space provider to assign me a 5G space, database 300M, I was very excited, after all, is free, but the condition is quite superior to a space.

Nightmare from this beginning, my blog PR from 4 to 2, now is 1. GG also for the time into the sandbox, Baidu keyword KINGWQ ranked no trace, the first ranking of the key word Hebei blog also did not fall. To this end, I inquired about the same host website, incredibly all is the server station, at any time faced by the search engine k off the danger, but in my finishing process ready to move the moment, I was surprised to find that the blog is still hanging horse.

Does the world really have a free lunch? There must be no such thing as cheap. I was just thinking that since it is to huajun such a great station to support the space provider, I can also use the free host, is really too lucky, so did not consider too much, leading to the final defy. For the development of my blog, I bought 1G virtual space in the previous days, and shifted the position. At the present stage, the blog returns back to normal.

I wrote this experience, my goal is to make everyone less detours, if you want to really build the site, we need a good foundation for the server environment, we are careless. I hope you can enjoy this article, if comments or suggestions, please reply to the message.

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